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Tamsin and Jen

Tamsin & Jen
Firespiral Owners

“Join us in our friendly Facebook community group to meet like minded people, share experiences, get wrapping advice and trade pre-loved woven wraps.”

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The Firespiral Community is a celebration of all things Firespiral. It is a friendly group filled with kind parents and fans that support, guide, and laugh together through the trials and triumphs of baby wearing and beyond.

Lauren Hendricks / USA
I joined the group after buying my first Firespiral second hand and I was curious about what else Firespiral do.
It’s probably the friendliest and most supportive group I’m in. Full of amazing care givers who always help each other out and share a passion (and like to geek out) over the beautiful fabrics
Danielle Marrow / United Kingdom


‘I love the philosophy, colours, care & attention to detail! To be honest I love everything about Firespiral! I’m so glad I got my first ever wrap through your new to wrapping scheme & I was soon hooked! As my little one is now becoming far more independent and likes to walk everywhere I’m so glad you have gorgeous snuggly blankets! Thank you so much for such lovely things!’

Laura / UK

” I like a lot of things about Firespiral. The distinct patterns, variation in blends and thickness and colours, the inspiration from nature and your local surroundings. I feel extra glad when I order from you, knowing that you are women with a small business. I love to learn and your passion for every part of the wrap making process, and for sharing it with others have taught me much of the technical terms and general knowledge I now possess. Thank you.”

Alexandra / Sweden

” I’ve loved Firespiral for years now – the designs and colors and cloth itself of course, and also the less tangible things like the sustainability efforts, local production (even though you’re not local to me…), and just the general energy of Fispi overall – the energy in the cloth and in the community.”

Katherine / US

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