2013 Competition Winners

My goodness this was hard to judge! We pretty much gave up in the end and started inventing more prizes just to make the choosing a little easier… It actually got simpler when we stopped trying to think about it too hard and just went on the feeling that we got when we first looked at the image, then tried to make sense of what made us feel that way afterwards. Lots of our favourites had a real spirit of fun about them. Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to take part with entries and voting.

Prize list

 Overall winner = Silver Twilight Starmap wrap

Public favourite = Lime Twilight Fractal Spiral wrap

3x runners up prizes = wrap fabric infinity scarves

7 extra runners  up prizes = wrap scrap bundles

random draw from the voting emails received = wrap scrap bundle (yet to be drawn)

So here are the winners. We’ll be emailing them this morning to say congratulations. The random draw from the voters will take place today and we’ll notify the winner asap.


Overall Winner!

So our overall winner is number 106. We just loved this as an abstract image and it feels like it captures a transient moment in  time. It seemed unassumingly beautiful to us and made us see our own cloth in a new way which struck a chord with both of us.

Winner of the public vote

The winner of the public vote was image number 117 (and we were impressed by it too)!

Runner up prizes go to image numbers 157, 58 and 14

runner up


runner up
runner up


We felt that all these needed special recognition too and so they are our second tier of runner up prize winners (and if our scraps box was bigger we could easily have chosen more winners).


The picture above was made all the more evocative for us by knowing that it was taken by a 6 yr old- it reminded us of how different a child’s perspective can be. I know that my children have reawakened in me a dawdling curiosity for the everyday wonders only available to those who potter about on the kerbside poking sticks down grids…




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