Washing your new wraps


So as our new wraps are starting to be sent out we thought we’d give you an important reminder….

When you receive your new wrap (and this goes for any wrap, not just ours) you MUST wash it first. Check it over, admire it for a moment and then get it washed!! Don’t be frightened- its only cloth and there are clear instructions in the booklet and on our website.

The reason we say this is not just to remove and dust that might have accumulated during weaving, it is because the first wash changes the structure of the fabric. Until you have given it a wash, the wrap is NOT ready for use. Cloth is woven under tension and a first wash allows that to dissipate and lets the weave contract, the yarns move into their correct position.

Not only will it feel nicer, it will also be less prone to pulls and thread shifting as each of the threads will be properly secured in the weave structure.

So please wash all your new wraps, and spread the message to others. That first wash is very important and will make a big difference we promise!

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