Absolute Bobbins online shop opening soon!

The Absolute Bobbins baby wearing bags have been through a number of incarnations before becoming the version you can buy today.

Absolute Bobbins Bag-2
Months of paper patterns, recycled cotton tester bags and nervous chopping and stitching of Firespiral cloth happened prior to the launch of the finished product.
Different shapes, sizes and styles were researched and developed, and while it was all trial and error initially – it was a lot of fun and exciting.
Alison, from Absolute Bobbins, and Firespiral wanted the bag to offer as much as possible to baby wearers – and came to the table with a check list.

A roomy bag to carry the world inside, a fastener that stops everything rolling out when you put the bag down, pockets and more pockets, a key clip.
And to look nice, which was pretty important too.
The bag’s shape morphed from a teardrop, to a more angular college-style bag, which seemed to help develop a pattern that would create the least waste. And as the pattern set aside a complete half width of a wrap for the strap, comfort was massively factored in to the final product.
The strap, with ring adjusters, spreads over the shoulder and little one like another pass of a woven wrap. It might not be able to be used to support a child, but it definitely makes bag wearing, while you’re baby wearing, much more comfortable!


You will soon be able to buy these bags direct through Alison’s website here. She currently runs a custom order list but will be offering in stock bags alongside this. Absolute Bobbins also has a Facebook Page that you can like and follow for updates

AB Bag Blue Kaleidoscope-2AB Bag Graphite TS-1

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