Hot Weather Babywearing

The challenge of babywearing in hot weather is one which comes up regularly.  If you need/want to babywear in hot weather then there is definitely a safe way for you to do it once you know how.  Dr Rosie Knowles has written a fabulous article here that covers all styles of carrier and gives detailed advice for carrying your children safely and comfortably in the heat, and we recommend it as a detailed source of information. 

Here at Firespiral, we have lots of collective experience of carrying children of all ages in warm weather, so here are some of our team’s personal tips for summertime babywearing using woven wraps:


“There are two sources of heat that you need to manage: external heat, from the sun that needs to be blocked out, and internal heat generated by your bodies, which need to be able to escape.  Working out which one will be creating the most warmth helps you to decide how to manage it. A thicker, light coloured wrap will screen out the sun really well, whereas if you are being very active whilst babywearing you may need something that is breathable to allow excess heat to escape. Long hollow fibres like linen and hemp (and thin wools) absorb moisture and then allow it to evaporate quickly and this has a temperature-regulating effect” – Jen

Amethyst Spirals -7-min

“Remember that every layer of wrap that passes over your baby is like a layer of clothing, so in hot weather single layer carries like rucks or kangaroo carries are the coolest for your child.  Now that Arthur is a toddler, a ruck tied Tibetan with an airy hemp or linen blend wrap such as Spindrift Twilight Seafoam is my choice of carry in the warmer weather” – Tamsin


“My parents live abroad, we always make sure we wear hats, wherever we go. George has never been one for keeping them on though so when George was a baby we would take a brolly with us everywhere we went as portable shade. It meant that the sun never stopped us getting out and about” – Kate

We recommend the fantastically named ‘Pickapooh’ hats for babywearing, especially in back carries. They can tie under the chin, but also be tightened around the brim for a truly snug, comfortable fit that grows with your child, making it hard for them to be pulled off by little fingers! With a wide brim and UV protection, they cover faces and necks fully. They also double up as rain hats for the odd passing shower…


“The summer Sophie was born was really hot. I used to just dress her in a nappy and sunhat, with a muslin tucked between us, or I had a light top on. I also loved single layer carries and our ring sling was a favourite for this.” – Amy

We have some beautiful wraps in stock in our shop in linen, cotton and hemp all of which will cope wonderfully in the summer sun keeping you both feeling and looking cool!

So don’t write off carrying when the sun shines, there are plenty of ways to adapt what you do for all weathers!

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