Design your dream blanket!

We are definitely, definitely working on a starmap blanket, using lots of the elements of the original design, but in a different for than will work better with the dimensions of the throw blankets.

So while you wait ever so patiently for that, we thought we’d give you the opportunity to play at blanket designer, we’ll put some of your creations to the public vote and weave the winning suggestions!

Design a Blanket Competition

You have 5 choices to make when you have read all the information here and are ready. You submit your choices on this form. All the designs and yarn colours are also saved as individual images in an album on our facebook page, if you want to have a closer look for decision making.

1: which design to use. You have a choice of 14 different pre-existing designs that we have lettered A-N.

lettered blanket a-h-min lettered blanket i-n-min

Each design is in black (colour a) and white (colour b). You can choose to keep it that way, or use any of the instock recycled cotton yarn colours, numbered 1-61, so your next choices are


2: what to use for ‘colour a’- the black parts of the design


3: what to use for ‘colour b’- the white parts of the design


You can use any of the 61 colours for ‘a’ and ‘b’, but if that isn’t enough choice, you can also choose to ‘blend’ up to 3 of the colours on the shade card to create your own unique shade. You can only use upto 4 colours in total though, so if you choose to blend 3 yarns for ‘colour a’, you will only have one colour left for ‘colour b’.

You cannot create grad effects, using several colours will just create a new, blended shade like this


DSC_0028-min which is a blend of numbers 3 and 6 on the shade card.

Are you with us so far?! So to recap, you can use up to 3 different yarns for colour a or colour b, but only 4 in total (you can’t use 3 for colour a and 3 for colour b because that would be 6 colours in total- got it?!)

4: the blanket stitching colour

This can be any of the 61 colours on the shade card, you can choose to co-ordinate with your blanket colours, or contrast them with something very different.

5: the name of your blanket

Your colour combination needs a name that will be used to identify it along with the design name.

We will look through all the entries and select some of them to make mock up images of. Those will then be put to the public vote and the winning suggestions will be woven up as blankets. If your suggestion is a winner we will give you a discount code for 50% off the blanket that you suggested to us.


Small print stuff:

We may make some small changes to your suggestion (we have the shade cards in front of us and so it is easier for us to see whether another, similar colour make work better than the one you chose etc). If we get several very similar suggestions then we may combine them into one entry for the public vote. In this case we will credit every person who made those similar suggestions (even though the final design may not be exactly how you specified) and you will all receive the 50% discount if that combined design is chosen.


The public vote will be held via images in an album on our facebook page. The winning design will be determined by the volume of likes and comments on the image for the design. We will have the final say over what wins though, because that is one of the perks of running the company!!


Mock up images are only attempts to give an idea of colour- the final blanket will naturally look different (hopefully better) than the mock up!!

We want to get these blankets in the shop by December, although we cannot promise that they’ll be ready by then. To give us a chance of getting them done in time we need to book a slot on the loom asap, so this competition will close at 9pm (BST) on Monday 5th September. We hope to have the voting completed and decisions made by the following Monday ready to start ordering yarn.


So if you are ready, scroll back up to the top of the page and follow the link to the form. You can

Good luck!

One thought on “

Design your dream blanket!

  1. Fran Farrell says:

    Thank you for this it was really fun ?

    1. Pattern: C
    2. A: 38
    3. B: (if permissible from different cards) 3,39,42. If not permissible:40, 41, 46
    4. Stitching: 39
    5. Name: Thauma Larkspur Birches

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