New product review: Zip Pouches

Maybe it is because Tamsin and I can see the end of our babywearing days approaching (although still in the distance yet), but we enjoy coming up with different ways to produce our designs, and zip pouches are our new offering!



They are padded zip fastening cloth pouches, easily big enough to act as a tablet case, but could be used to house all manner of things! They are made from cotton and hemp and of high quality construction. The zip slides easily with one hand which I always find useful as the other arm usually has a child attached to it! You can stuff them full and they still fasten comfortably. We’ve had these printed with our Winter Hill design, but will change the design/colour for the next batch, so each run will be a limited edition.



The company who makes them are committed to ecologically friendly practice. They have high ethical standards for materials and manufacturing sourced outside of the UK, and all their screen printing is done here, using water based pigment dyes. They are not waterproof but can be machine washed on a gentle cycle if needs be. We’d suggest turning them inside out prior to washing to minimise fading of the print, and then reshaping as they dry.

The pouches can comfortably fit a 10″ tablet with room to spare, but I soon found loads of other possible uses for them.

They fit two large cloth nappies plus wipes and a small wetbag. These are Close pop-ins from Babipur . I’ve tried a lot of different nappies over the past 7 years but these have worked best for me once my baby has become mobile (before that I prefer terry squares and a nappy wrap but they become tricky to put on a crawling child)! I’m a real fan of the pop-in, and my nearly 2 year old can still last the night in one with a night time booster.


I also managed to fit pretty much my entire stash of cloth sanitary pads in the pouch, even my ultra long night time ones! Many of these were made by Lunachick.


It makes a handy and protective jewellery case, especially useful for chunky necklaces like the Slingamebobs or Coastal Path Creations fiddle necklaces which won’t fit in my little jewellery box. We often have slingamebobs available in the accessories section of our website.


I’d thought about using one as a pencil case, but in fact they are roomy enough to hold far more than just pencils. I fit our paints, pad of paper, mixing palette and all kinds of other bit &bobs in there. They are a great size for keeping puzzle pieces or games in, especially if you want to take them travelling. I can see these pouches being very handy for our next camping trip!

dsc_0233-min dsc_0234-min dsc_0235-min

Our Zip pouches are available to buy on our website now! 


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