August 2017 Newsletter

Welcome to the August Newsletter:

Behind the Scenes:

The first design on our new ‘Cascade’ warp is due to be released this month, and we now have samples of the other four wraps that share the warp. When we receive the rolls of cloth from the mill at our workshop, the first job is for Judith to hem up a couple of tester samples of each of the designs. We use these to send travelling, to test wash and to get lots of photographs ready for promoting each new release, so those wraps are very busy! One of the most important jobs is to get some really accurate images for showing on the shop listing. As an online business it is really important that we are able to give as much information as we can to help you make the right choice for you, but,(as you’ve probably experienced yourself), getting an accurate colour match with a camera can be very tricky. Lots of wraps will change appearance depending on distance, angle, and lighting, so Katrina Shepherd works hard to make sure that our shop product images are as true to life as possible.
Production timing is something that we’re always working on. The process from concept to weaving can be quite lengthy, then when the finished cloth arrives we need to find a balance between getting it into the shop as soon as possible and having enough time to promote it fully. As all our wraps are cut and hemmed by hand by one person, we need to manage the workload in the workshop, and at some point we need to guess how many of each size to make! Some sizes are generally more popular than others, but there are a whole host of variables that can affect which sizes people are drawn to. If we get that wrong we end up with some sizes selling out, when what we’re aiming for is for all sizes to remain in stock until we only have one of each!! The more sizes we offer(we currently routinely stock sizes 2-8) the harder this becomes.
At Firespiral HQ we’ve been discussing an idea for increasing the number of sizes offered at every release without spreading ourselves too thin. We’ll let you know more about this once we’ve ironed out the details, but essentially it would mean that we could offer any size of wrap outside of our current standard 2-8 on every release…

August Releases:
The end of August will see the release of the ethereal Asphodel Cirrus TentacularSpectacular and Asphodel Cirrus Seafoam. These sister wraps, whilst similar in appearance to Elysian Cirrus Seafoam, offer a little more oomph with 16% viscose and 14% linen with the 70% cotton. Here is a review of the two from Her Wrap Materials.
The end of the month will also see the release of our first wrap from our beautiful new Cascade warp. Keep your eyes on our Facebook and Instagram pages for our first pictures of this new wrap, we can’t wait to show it to you!
Thanks to everyone that tagged themselves with #fispijuly we’ve loved seeing all of the different ways you have of using Firespirals! Congratulations to Jen, from Cosy Cuddles Babywearing, who is this months winner! We love this wrap den so much!! You have a special prize coming your way!For this months newsletter giveaway, we are asking you to share photos of your Firespirals over the summer holidays. Whether you’re away on holiday or crafting on those, inevitable, drizzly days, tag your photos with #fispiaugust and we’ll pick another winner next month!!
Hot Weather Babywearing:Overheating is a real danger that everyone should be aware of, especially in the summer months. Now that the summer holidays are truly here there will probably be a lot of you going away on holiday so here is a little reminder about hot weather babywearing.

All fibres can work with hot weather wrapping, but it is easier to keep cool in thinner wraps in single layer carries. Our medium weight 100% cotton wraps are always a great choice whatever the weather. The support they provide is exceptional from day one to whenever you decide to finish your wrapping journey. Take a look in our online shop for some 100% cotton wraps to help beat the summer heat. 

The #Ispyfispi Gallery is Growing…
As always we thank you so much for sharing your special moments with us! I really do love going through all of the wonderful #ispyfispi photos each month. It is such a pleasure to get to see how you all use and love your Firespirals, Keep on tagging your photos with #ispyfispi and sharing these wonderful moments with us. This month the winner is Georgina Sommerville who looks beautiful and ethereal in the tester Asphodel Cirrus Tentacular Spectacular. Thank you so much, Georgina, for this wonderful photo. 
Dates For Your Diary:

Take a look at our events calendar. We will keep it updated with all releases and anything exciting we have coming up such as events!

Have a wonderful summer holiday and Happy Wrapping!

The Firespiral Team


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