Our New Release Pre-order Scheme: Making Longer Wrap Sizes More Accessible!

All About Our New Release Pre-order Scheme: Making Longer Wrap Sizes More Accessible!

Cloudburst Cascade wraps

We’re only a small company, but we’ve always believed that this shouldn’t restrict us. We feel that with a bit of creative thinking we can offer as much choice and flexibility as a much larger company could, and still keep our prices as low as our ethical, local production will allow. 

Ideally we’d love to have a much larger range of in stock sizes, because we know that there are a whole host of variables that determine which length of wrap will suit each babywearer and their wrappee/s at any one time.
It is true that there are some sizes that are more popular across the board (and that popularity can shift through the seasons, or over time as wrapping styles change), however accessibility feeds that popularity- a size that is readily available in most shops will naturally become more widely used than one that isn’t offered as standard. In this way, popularity doesn’t necessarily correlate with requirement!

Our long-term goal is to increase our in stock range of lengths so that more sizes are cut as standard. Currently we stock sizes 2-8 (2.7m-5.7m). We will happily make size 1 or size 9+ to order, but that is complicated for you; it involves emailing back and forth, being limited to what cloth we have available after release etc. We want to offer the same level of choice and accessibility to new releases for all sizes.


We are trialling a new system of offering a pre-order of sizes 8+ for all new releases. This way you can express a preference for any size, we can include it in our cutting plan for that release, and you will receive your wrap once the design has been officially released.

This means that you have access to whatever your preferred size is in any design. The drawback is that you need to decide in advance of the release date and before all the reviews, extra pictures,videos etc of that new wrap have been published. That isn’t ideal obviously, and we’ll give you as much information as we can in advance to help you make your decision.

You would also have the same rights to return as we offer on any product; this isn’t a bespoke, custom item,  just a longer length of cloth! We’ll include size 8 in the scheme for now, because although it is a standard size for us, we stock very few of them for each release (as is also the case with size 2).

It is going to need to be a work in progress, so for now the system will be a bit basic and we’ll do everything on an individual basis. Once we’ve got our heads around the logistics this should become an automated system of purchase, just like buying any other wrap in our shop.

To pre-order a wrap size 8 or longer for an upcoming release.

Email us at contact@firespiralslings.co.uk to let us know what size you’d like to order from our upcoming designs. We’ll include this in our manufacturing plan and send you an invoice for the wrap to be paid at any point up until the release date of 28th October. We’ll post your wrap out at our release date (or slightly before if you live outside of the UK)!

We’ll need to close the pre-order in enough time to allow us to cut and hem all the wraps for release. All of this is done by (expert) hand and so needs to be done in advance of the release date!

Our first wraps to be included in this scheme are  
Cloudburst Cascade Winter Hill and Cloudburst Cascade Seafoam
Due for release on: 28th October 2017
Fibre blend:59% cotton, 33% linen 8% viscose
GSM: 250gsm
Pre-order open from: 6th September 2017
Pre-order closes on: 24th September 2017
Release date: 28th October 2018
Front wrap cross carry with Cloudburst Cascade Winter Hill close up of the iconic masts on Cloudburst Cascade Winter Hill Cloudburst Cascade Winter Hill

Cloudburst Cascade Seafoam Cloudburst Cascade Seafoam Cloudburst Cascade Seafoam
The Practical Information

Wrap sizes increase in 50cm increments in length, and £11 increments in price (for this fibre blend)
Size 8= 5.7m  (£169)
Size 9 = 6.2m (£180)

Size 10 = 6.7m (£191)
Size 11 = 7.2m (£202)
We are happy to make any length of wrap within this system. We’d rather keep within the 50cm increment cutting plan, as it standardises things for resale, should you choose to return ( for example, we can list a size 13 for sale in the shop, but not a size 9 and a quarter!)

Standard international postage of £5 per order will be added on top of the wrap price.

This pre-order is only available for sizes 8+. We regret that we cannot reserve other more readily available sizes prior to release.

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Our New Release Pre-order Scheme: Making Longer Wrap Sizes More Accessible!

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