September 2017 Newsletter

Welcome to our September Newsletter!

Behind the Scenes:

The Firespiral team have returned from visiting some of the wonderful holiday destinations in the UK, and we’ve all been reminded of how useful and versatile woven wraps can be. We’ve camped and hiked, managed naps on the go and managed situations that would have been almost impossible without the use of a sling. Now we’re refreshed and preparing to get back to work at full pace as soon as the children are back at school.
We have new mugs available and are currently trying out recycled and eco-friendly packaging that would allow us to sell mugs online! Pretty packaging is nice, but it is important to us that packaging should have as small a carbon footprint as possible so that we aren’t all generating excess waste. Our mugs are handmade by an artisan potter and each is unique which we think makes them pretty special…

As well as helping to coordinate bespoke blanket orders, we’ve been working on a new set of blankets that should be ready to buy in late autumn. You can create your own bespoke blanket too if you can get just 20 people together who would all like the same as you! 

The new Cascade warp releases are planned in for the next two months, and we have a completely new and amazing warp on the loom this month too. For those of you who are wool wrap lovers, there are some exciting woolies planned into this next weave…watch this space for exclusive previews!

September Releases:
September 30th sees the release of the beautiful SETI Cascade Starmap and Vega Obsidian Birch Trees. SETI is the second of our cascade warp wraps, it is a heavyweight at around 305gsm, and a tri-blend of cotton, linen and viscose. Vega is quite the opposite –  it is a super lightweight at around 200gsm and 50% viscose,  Keep an eye out on our blog for more information about them both!!We are very excited to be attending Sling Show Scotland on the 23rd of September and will be taking with us our show exclusive which we have named Haeddre, the 14th Century Scottish word for Heather. 
Coming Next Month:
This is a new feature for our newsletter, as we know you like to know what’s coming so that you can plan what you’d like to buy!So… coming up next month are Cloudburst Cascade Winter Hill and Cloudburst Cascade Seafoam! Both woven on our beautiful turquoise and grey Cascade warp, with an indigo linen and viscose linen blend weft. Tune into our next newsletter for more information on blend and weight!Do you love super long wraps, but find them difficult to get hold of? We are starting to offer a system where sizes that we don’t routinely stock can be pre-ordered around a month or so before the release. This allows us to factor those sizes into our cutting plan and make to order without delays. These wraps could then be shipped around the time of the release. Being a small business often makes it hard for us to carry a wide range of sizes permanently, but we think this could be a creative solution that will work for everyone. Let us know what you think of this idea! Read about it on our blog post.


We are really enjoying seeing all of your photos for the newsletter giveaways! This month’s winner is Victoria with this brilliant photo of her little one ‘sharing’ her ice cream in CMYK Obsidian Gossamer. We’ve all been there Victoria!As the summer holidays are coming to an end we’d like you to share the last of your summer holiday photos with us, tagging them with #fispiseptember. Our favourite one will have a special gift sent to them, so tag away and enjoy the end of the summer holidays! 
Newborn Babywearing
We all come to babywearing at different times but one of the most important things is to make sure we get newborn babywearing right. It can be a scary and changeable time with a newborn and having a wrap can make a massive difference but making sure we do it safely is of the upmost importance. It’s always good to have Sling Safety reminder, so whether you are new to wrapping or if you have been a wrapper but are new to wrapping a newborn take a look at this brilliant blog from Tamsin about newborn wrapping.
The #Ispyfispi Gallery is Growing…
As always we thank you so much for sharing your special moments with us! I really do love going through all of the wonderful #ispyfispi photos each month. It is such a pleasure to get to see how you all use and love your Firespirals, Keep on tagging your photos with #ispyfispi and sharing these wonderful moments with us. This month the winner is Charlotte Barsby with this lovely photo of her little one snuggling into Perran. 
Dates For Your Diary:

Take a look at our events calendar. We will keep it updated with all releases and anything exciting we have coming up!

Happy Wrapping!

The Firespiral Team

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September 2017 Newsletter

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