New Prices for Blends, Heavy Weight Wraps and Scarves

Our new double weave wraps (which we’ve named ‘synergy weave’) will be in the heavy weight price band. We are also increasing our prices on new releases for both the heavy weight and the blend category by £5 per wrap, and our scarves by £2 per scarf (our scarves are also now 25cm longer).We are holding off from increasing prices on our standard weight cotton wraps for as long as possible, as we had done with this price rise. We have always tried to keep our prices as low as possible because we want our wraps to be accessibly priced.

However, our prices also need to reflect the fact that what we make is pretty special. Even our largest releases are absolutely tiny compared with standard retail, we operate ethically and environmentally, we keep all production local and to the highest standard, we pay fair wages and ensure that our suppliers do too, and all of this makes our manufacturing cost incredibly high. There are no ‘easy profits’ in this business, and there are compromises that we just aren’t willing to make, so putting our prices up slightly is one of the only options we have.

In the past we’ve wanted to avoid the marketing hype of referring to our wraps as ‘limited edition’ because we want our wraps to be loved for what they are, rather than have perceived scarcity drive an inflated desire for them. We’re confident that this anxious and frenzied climate in the babywearing world has passed, and we can give recognition to the fact that each wrap is a fairly unique thing, deserving of both its initial cost and also the lifetime of love and memories that it will become bound up in with each family that uses it. 

As a company built on liberal socialist principles, the current political climate is frustrating and disheartening (especially today with the news of Brexit agreements) and it has had a massive impact on our business certainly in the past few months.

We’ve always managed to run Firespiral in a way that is both innovative and practical, so we are a strong little company who can weather the storm through creativity and a sense of humour. We’re grateful to all our customers for giving us the opportunity to make these wraps, and for inspiring us to continue! 


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