New Firespiral Wraps for 2018: Your Handy Guide

Here is your handy guide to the newest wraps in our shop, with links to lots of useful information about each one!
Our two newest warp colours are ‘Callisto’ and ‘Moorland’. They are both made up of a narrow, random pin-striping of 3 different complementary shades, that merge into one vibrant colour whilst retaining a bit of visual texture.


Callisto has 3 shades of lilac, aubergine and royal purple, to create a predominantly purple coloured warp. It has both warm and cool tones that can be brought out into prominence by combining it with different coloured wefts.

Callisto Warp


Moorland is slightly more complex in its make-up; it has a mustard  which dominates the warp, and dictates the overall perception of colour combined with two more neutral fawn and green/grey shades. Viewed up very close they appear quite disparate, yet they effortlessly combine into a very sophisticated neutral base of ‘yellow’ that can adapt to work with a variety of weft colours.Moorland Warp

Read below to see which of our newest wraps would suit you best…

Calluna Moorland Birch Trees: This is a thicker feeling wool wrap with a striking amount of texture. The weft is pure merino lambswool, making the wrap 50% wool and 50% combed cotton overall. The weft is a cool pink with a variety of  subtly multicoloured flecks in it to add interest. It is soft and fluffy, with plenty of cushioning on the shoulders. It will offer great support for heavier toddlers, and also snuggle little babies! This wrap can be washed in the washing machine, but needs slightly more careful washing than our 25% merino wool wraps. It isn’t particularly high maintenance though, so you don’t need to fear it! You can read more about Calluna birches on our wrap database. **We only have short wraps left in this design**

Galena Callisto Seafoam: This is a 25% merino, 75% combed cotton wrap. They are very hardy, easy to care for woolies that don’t require much more care than a cotton wrap, so they make an excellent starting point for wrappers who are new to wool and feel a bit cautious. They are a mid weight- enough thickness to give cushioning and support, without feeling thick or cumbersome when wrapping. The cloth passes easily allowing you to get an evenly tensioned wrap job. The Galena weft is a soft grey colour that appears almost white against the vibrant warp colour. You can read more about it on our wrap database.

Galena Moorland Seafoam:  This is the same wrap as above, only with the Moorland warp. The grey wool works beautifully against the mustard warp. You can read more about it on our wrap database.

Cloudburst Moorland Seafoam:  We’ve used the cloudburst weft before; it is an indigo blue/purple, but can change it’s appearance quite dramatically dependent on the warp that it is teamed with. Combined with the Moorland warp it appears quite dark and almost grey at times. This wrap feels quite thin and floppy in hand, and is incredibly easy to wrap with, making it great for beginners, and more confident wrappers will get some lovely neat wrap-jobs that you’ll be proud of! This is a great ‘year-round’ wrap, flexible enough to wrap over thick jumpers and coats, but light and breathable for warmer weather. You can read more about it on our wrap database.

Cloudburst Callisto Seafoam: As above but woven on the Callisto warp. This wrap is technically all purple, but the pattern still has clear definition, and the saturation of colour allows the variegated warp to really shine. Little flecks of lilac sparkle through this wrap. You can read more about it on our wrap database.

Charters Moss Dragonfly:  A synergy weave wrap, meaning that the Moorland warp is hidden within the weave structure, so you don’t see it directly. It influences the way you view the weft colours though, making them appear golden toned and bringing out the aqua highlights in the turquoise. These are relatively thick wraps that don’t feel bulky. They are extremely hardwearing and can become your ‘workhorse wrap’ whilst still looking beautiful. Synergy wraps are well balanced to be good all-rounders.  You can read more about it on our wrap database.

Charters Moss Kingfisher: As above but woven on the Callisto warp. It is astonishing to see how much the hidden warp can change the look of these weft colours. Kingfisher is darker than dragonfly- the turquoise is more blue than green, and there is a deep, warm copper tone to the brown. You can read more about it on our wrap database.

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