Design Your Own Custom Firespiral Blanket

We offer the opportunity for you to make your own custom blanket, selecting from our existing designs and a colour palette of recycled cotton yarns. All you need to do is find 19 other people who will join you in the pre-order!
You can choose any of our designs and have it woven in any of the colours available on our swatch cards. There are 61 different colours to choose from, but we can also use several colours together- a little like mixing paint. They’ll blend when the surface of the blanket is brushed, and give the appearance of a different shade. We can also create graduated colour changes; email us with your idea and we can tell you if it is possible to achieve!!

This is a run down of all the ‘small print’ that you need to consider, and what you need to do next if you wish to place a blanket pre-order

The Overview

Pre-ordered double sized blankets (190cm x 160cm) cost our standard price of £90 each. Shipping is free within the UK, and subsidised at £8 per 2kg parcel within Europe, and £10 per 2kg parcel internationally

We ask for £20 non-refundable deposit upfront from each person initially, then the balance is paid when the blankets are ready. It can easily take 3 months for the blankets to be woven and hemmed, so people have to be prepared to wait; we contact everyone once the blankets are ready, and you then have an extra 5 weeks to settle the balance. We send each blanket out as soon as it has been fully paid for.

The Process

We help you to finalise colours and details, then we collect the deposits and send the order into the mill. We put orders into the mill every few months, so your order may have to wait a little while until the next order date. 

After that we don’t really hear anything back until the day before the blankets are ready to ship to our workshop for checking and packing. 3 months should be the maximum length of time that the whole process takes (from the point that the order is placed with the weavers), but from experience, after 8 weeks people start to get wriggly and want updates that we just can’t give!! There are lots of stages to production, any of them can easily be delayed and that then has a knock on effect on future stages. There are too many variables for us to give an accurate prediction of finish date.

Our minimum production number is actually 25 for double sized blankets, but we ask for 20 confirmed orders so that we have a few spare blankets in case of any problems. We’ll sell those extras on the website afterwards.

We have a dedicated blanket pre-order  Facebook group that has lots of useful information in it.

The Pre-order Co-ordinator

We ask for one person to take charge and be our contact point, but that person doesn’t have to handle any finances. We ask them to send us a list of names and email addresses (plus any maiden names or aliases that people might go by- matching up people and payments is often really complicated!), we email everyone a link that they click on to pay their deposit. If anyone fails to pay the deposit they won’t be sent a final balance email, so it is important that they remember to do it! Their payments all go through the website and their account as normal. Deposits are non-refundable.

***We need to be given an email address that people regularly check, not one that they just use for paypal transactions- we will be sending an email that they need to read, not a ‘paypal invoice’!!!***

We also need the co-ordinator to pass on any information from us and for them to field questions from the pre-order group rather than us be contacted by 20+ individuals asking the same questions.

If you are ready to start the process then get in touch with us at contact@firespiralslings.co.uk!

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