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Welcome to our May Newsletter!

As always there is lots going on at Firespiral HQ! So far this month it has been all about the blankets for us. We had lots of blanket pre-orders submitted earlier this year, and they all arrived last week. If you were involved you should have received an email to tell you that your blanket has arrived. If you didn’t but think you should have please reply to us to let us know. Any leftover blankets are being listed on our website over the next few days.
Another really important thing to note is that due to the change in legislation that is happening on 25th May, if you want to keep receiving our newsletters and emails you need to update subscription preferences , otherwise your email address will be deleted from our list. We would also like to bring your attention to our privacy policy, which tells you how we will take care of any information about yourself that you give to us.

European Babywearing Week 2018

It is European Babywearing Week, and this year’s theme is ‘Carrying Connects’.
In line with this theme, we’re going to connect you via your love for different length wraps!
We’ve made 3 teams; we’d like you to pledge your allegiance to one of them and share your pictures. We’ll pick one picture from each team to win their choice of any wrap in the shop, and we’ll also have other smaller prizes up for grabs!
The teams are:
“Superb Short Wraps”
“Magic Mid-Length Wraps”
“Lovely Long Wraps”

Decide which team you belong to by thinking about your base size (the length you need to do a standard FWCC).

If you prefer to use your base size or above, then you are in Team Lovely Long Wraps.

If you prefer to use a wrap that is slightly shorter than your base then you are a Magic Mid-Lengther.

If your go-to is a wrap much short than your base then you are in Team Superb Short Wraps.

We want you to take a photo (or make a video) of you using your Firespiral wrap We’d like you to include a sign in your picture, telling us your team name and the carry you’ve done. Tag your pictures with #EBW2018 and #ISpyFispi. You can tell everyone why you prefer that length and try to convert more people to your team!!

You can share your pictures on our wall, in our chatter group or in another general/open babywearing group

At the end of the week, we’ll look at which team made the biggest effort, and will do something special for the winning team! The more involvement we see, the more prizes there will be to giveaway…

Up and coming releases

Bifrost Obsidian Charters Moss is being released this Saturday at 10am (BST)! (Check the time where you are here.)  It has a stunning combed cotton rainbow weft on a nearly black combed cotton warp. Special length pre-order wraps for this release are being sent out over the next couple of days!

Our special length pre-order for 8-Bit Obsidian Geode is going to be opened in the next few days, we’ll be in touch again with the details as soon as we can.



Once again there have been so many beautiful photos to choose from, but my favourite this month is this one of Heather Bayles and her baby sharing this beautiful moment. Heather, please get in touch so that we can arrange to send you your prize!


For next month’s newsletter, we’d love to see more photos of your wrap related escapades, Remember to tag your photos with #fispimay

Wrap school – May

This month’s topic is about washing new wraps and why we recommend it.  Our blog post about ‘loomstate’ and the cloth finishing process is essential reading for any wrap geeks out there!


As always we thank you so much for sharing your Firespiral moments with us! We love going through all of the #ispyfispi photos each month, seeing precious, interesting, beautiful and amusing moments! Keep on tagging your photos with #ispyfispi and you never know, you might be in for a prize like this month’s winner Leanne Bellamy! What I love about this photo is that it shows evidence of wonderful time spent together between parent and child, and also that this lovely wrap is being enjoyed when it isn’t being wrapped with, instead of being kept folded on a shelf. Leanne, please contact us so that we can send you your prize!

The collage below shows some more of my favourites.

A quick note about Instagram – we really like using Instagram as a way of sharing information and would love more followers, so please follow us if you don’t already and we’ll follow you back <3

We hope you have enjoyed this month’s newsletter, and as always if you have any feedback or any ideas of anything that you would like to see in future blog posts (or if you have something that you would like to write a guest post about), please get in touch!

Happy Wrapping!

Tamsin and Jen

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