Lovely Long Wraps

Lauren shows the versatility of long wraps
During the European Babywearing Week 2018, we asked people to tell us which length of wrap they preferred and why. In this post we’re sharing some of the responses from people who liked longer wraps, to show why long wraps are so lovely and how they like to use them.

Woven wraps are made in a variety of lengths and can be roughly divided into 3 categories- short, mid-length and long. These aren’t linked directly to wrap sizes; as an example, a size 5 wrap could be a mid-length wrap for one person but a long wrap for another. Working out your ‘base size’ allows you to determine which sizes of wrap will be in your short, mid-length and long categories. Long wraps are your base size and above, mid length wraps are slightly shorter than your base length (base -1, base -2 etc) and short wraps are anything smaller than that.

There is no one ‘perfect’ length of wrap- what works best for you will be determined by a number of factors, and lots of these factors are subject to change over the course of your babywearing journey! Wrapping a newborn for long periods of time is quite different to wrapping a toddler whose growing independence sees them want to be picked up and put down multiple times over the course of a walk to the shops etc.

Benefits of Long Wraps

  • Long wraps are great for multi-pass carries (where the cloth wraps round you and the baby several times). These are often the carries that we learn first as beginners, because the multiple layers make us feel secure until we develop our wrapping technique and confidence.
  • Multi-pass carries also offer a lot of support and spread weight across more of your torso. They can be more forgiving of a hurried or less precise wrap job.
  • Long wrap carries can also be the most creative and fun. Extra length allows you to make lots of pretty ‘fancy finishes’, adding an extra decorative touch to your wrapping.
  • Long wrap carries often have multiple stages to them. It can be satisfying and fun to learn and perform these carries.
  • Long wraps often need little or no readjustment even when you’re carrying your child for long periods of time. The extra length means that some carries can be loosened and adapted for nursing children in.
  • A longer length wrap has the flexibility  to adapt to different situations- they can be shared by two partners of different sizes, or used by siblings of different ages simply by adjusting the carry slightly.

I am definitely #teamlovelylongwraps for a young baby!! I love the versatility and snuggle of a longer wrap with a newbie, plus the support for me for hours of wearing. And with the cloud like softness of our FiSpi (which is now the majority of my collection!) we can’t go wrong!


Jenn with her tiny baby in a FWCC

LOVE my long wrap now she’s so big – gives me opportunity for lots of comfortable and supportive carries when those toddler legs get tired of walking, when we need to go faster or just when she needs a snuggle. Today, a double hammock tied in front for a long walk in to town, and Giselle’s back carry tied Tibetan knotless for nursery pick up. Both in Octarine Festival, long size 6


Hannah finds long wraps very versatile

She still loves to be carried, even though she is 5 and a half. 💓 I love long wraps because they are very versatile, perfect both for squishes and toddlers!


Morana carries an older child comfortably

 I love long wraps for fancy and supportive carries! My Starmap shines in Ruckless Bikini Carry.


Maria with her little one in a ruckless bikini carry

There is only 1 team for me. Lovely Long Wraps for the win 😎 With a tiny baby (yes, I swear, she was only so tiny a few moments ago!) I resort to the FWCC (Front Wrap Cross Carry) a lot and I love me a pair of swishy swooshy tails. When working on my back carries I can’t wait to use those tails for fancy finishes which make wrapping all the more fun.


Sanne likes the FWCC

Silas Twist Knotless Carry


A post shared by @wild_cuddles on

Rucksack Carry with Ring Finish

Don’t get me wrong, I love me a shortie, but right now it’s all about #LovelyLongWraps. Reassurance of extra passes, versatility of carries for all scenarios and plenty of opportunities to prance around with swooooshy ballerina tails 😍 Also makes a cracking hammock!


Lauren shows the versatility of long wraps


I’ve always preferred longer wraps for their versatility. That way they can just as easily be used by my husband as myself, with no need for different wraps. I find longer wraps more forgiving as well of people new to it like me, who still need to refine their technique. They just seem comfier too! I prefer carries that spread the weight across my shoulders and my waist, which is easier with the extra length. Also, with more length your can choose where to tie off so it’s comfortable to sit down if your child nods off. I found it easier to do carries that permitted breastfeeding at the same time with more length too.


Elena breastfeeds in a long wrap

Front Cross Carry is not fancy, but it’s my main go-to for front carrying. It’s comfortable, quick to wrap and not fussy, popable, and I love that the rails aren’t up in my armpits like with FWCC (especially in hot weather 😳).


Heather with her little one in a FCC



I love base size for its versatility and the ability to carry for the long haul. I love that I can tandem wrap if needed. I also don’t feel overwhelmed by base and feel like it’s quick enough to use on the run. I don’t take my base +2 around with me quite as often. With short wraps I have to be more deliberate and it winds up taking just as long as a long wrap if not longer (unless it’s just a quick ruck run)

This is only a taste of the versatility and function of long wraps. You can read more about the benefits of mid-length and short wraps on our blog.
Firespiral regularly stocks wraps in sizes 2 to 8, but can make size 1 and size 9+ on request. We offer a pre-order on all new releases, giving you the chance to buy a size that we don’t routinely stock.

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