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Natalie Rucksack Carries
During the European Babywearing Week 2018, we asked people to tell us which length of wrap they preferred and why. In this post we’re sharing some of the responses from people who liked mid-length wraps, to show why mid-length wraps are so magical and how they like to use them.
Woven wraps are made in a variety of lengths and can be roughly divided into 3 categories- short, mid-length and long. These aren’t linked directly to wrap sizes; as an example, a size 5 wrap could be a mid-length wrap for one person but a long wrap for another. Working out your ‘base size’ allows you to determine which sizes of wrap will be in your short, mid-length and long categories. Long wraps are your base size and above, mid length wraps are slightly shorter than your base length (base -1, base -2 etc) and short wraps are anything smaller than that.
There is no one ‘perfect’ length of wrap- what works best for you will be determined by a number of factors, and lots of these factors are subject to change over the course of your babywearing journey! Wrapping a newborn for long periods of time is quite different to wrapping a toddler whose growing independence sees them want to be picked up and put down multiple times over the course of a walk to the shops etc.

Benefits of Mid-length Wraps

  • Mid-length wraps borrow from the benefits of both short and long wraps
  • You can perform single layer carries, albeit with slightly swishy tails or a little extra length to use up creatively
  • You can perform multi-pass, layered carries although you’ll need to adjust the carry slightly to account for the shorter length (tying off in a different place or changing one of the passes slightly)
  • They are smaller and more portable than a long wrap, and…
  • They are longer and more flexible than a short wrap!
  • Being in the middle allows mid-length wraps to transition easily when your  needs change, or if your base size changes
I thought I needed a long wrap because Iā€™m a bigger kinda girl and had no idea what I was doing when I bought one, but then I had some help from a consultant and for now Iā€™m loving the freedom of a shorter wrap! Bryher uses a mid length wrap Bryher
My base size is a 5 but most wraps I have are in size 4 because I mostly wrap a dh variation. At rainy weather I like my size 3. Maria, double hammock variation Maria
Team #magicmidlengthwraps here! All my current fispis are a size 4 (base is 6/7) but different blends to cope with toddler wearing. When my boy was tiny I missed the boat with learning new carries….because of my T-Rex arms and him leg straightening from 6m old I quickly got into the habit of strapping him down in a bog standard ruck! And almost 18m later he is too impatient and independent to allow me to figure out passes. So we ruck all the time! kimberley likes midlength wraps Kimberley
with my 13,5kg boy i loove the mid-length sz 4 is our to go too size. and we love thicker wraps more than thinner ones… But in the past where he was only 6kg we loved longer or shorter wraps! It is always good to have a range of size and designs in your stash. Franzi back carries with a midlength wrap Franziska
Backcarrying kanga mummas – I envy you! In 6 days, my little madam learnt to sit up, crawl, and stand. Now she has more strength and coordination wriggling off my back than I do attempting to wrap her. They grow up too fast  šŸ˜” at least I can still enjoy front snuggles (fcc & fwcc)… maybe one day she’ll let me backcarry her in this size 5 oldie but goldie šŸ’œ with just the right amount of ‘swoosh’! Karmen front carries with a mid length wrap Karmen
This is only a taste of the versatility and function of mid-length wraps. You can read more about the benefits of long and short wraps on our blog. Firespiral regularly stocks wraps in sizes 2 to 8, but can make size 1 and size 9+ on request. We offer a pre-order on all new releases, giving you the chance to buy a size that we don’t routinely stock.

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