Superb Short Wraps

During the European Babywearing Week 2018, we asked people to tell us which length of wrap they preferred and why. In this post we’re sharing some of the responses from people who liked short wraps, to show why short wraps are simply superb and how they like to use them!

Woven wraps are made in a variety of lengths and can be roughly divided into 3 categories- short, mid-length and long. These aren’t linked directly to wrap sizes; as an example, a size 5 wrap could be a mid-length wrap for one person but a long wrap for another. Working out your ‘base size’ allows you to determine which sizes of wrap will be in your short, mid-length and long categories. Long wraps are your base size and above, mid length wraps are slightly shorter than your base length (base -1, base -2 etc) and short wraps are anything smaller than that.

There is no one ‘perfect’ length of wrap- what works best for you will be determined by a number of factors, and lots of these factors are subject to change over the course of your babywearing journey! Wrapping a newborn for long periods of time is quite different to wrapping a toddler whose growing independence sees them want to be picked up and put down multiple times over the course of a walk to the shops etc.

Benefits of Short Wraps

  • Short wraps fold up small, take up less space, can be carried in the bottom of a bag
  • They can double up as shawls and scarves when not being used to carry children
  • Most of the short wrap carries are simple, single layered carries with only a few steps to master
  • They make a good alternative to ring slings if you like a hip carry but struggle to get a ring sling comfortable, as they tighten and fasten in a different way


We’re all about #superbshortwraps at the moment as this size 2 lives in my bag for those times when her adventurous legs can’t carry her anymore.

Lynsey carrying using a traditional sling pass carry


Like most people I started wrapping with my base size and still love it for long walks/hikes, but watching a video convinced me about shorties, so I bought a size 3 and never looked back! I am lucky to have a small and cooperative toddler, so I love the freedom of a quick and easy ruck cccb with #superbshortwraps. It is so good to be able to do it anywhere without worrying about dragging tails on the ground, pulling the wrap or needing to adjust extra passes if my toddler is not so cooperative after all. Apart from the obvious advantages of folding down small and making a pretty scarf when not in use, a shorter wrap also means less fabric to wash, dry, iron and fix pulls on, which is a definite bonus to me!

All that said, here is a picture of my rare branching out of a ruck cccb – an inside out coolest hip cross carry – a lovely snuggle that allows us to share the views while not getting too hot on holiday!

kristina: coolest hip cross carry with a size 2


Scarf/tired toddler rescuer. Versatile and easy to carry. Multi-layers, super quick, no dirty tails! Perfect!
sarah short wrap front carry


Right now most of our carrying is on the go, shorter trips and I like size 2 and 3 for their portability. Our favorite carries right now are a ruck with chest belt or a traditional sling carry.

Jen back carries with a short wrap


I’ve recently found the love of #superbshortwraps! Loving my size 3 (base -2).

We’ve done reinforced ruck cccb, 1 shoulder double hammock  (not comfy for long periods) and ended up with a double hammock tied of with a ring under armpit today!

Going to give shepherds carry a go tomorrow!

lisa joy back carry short wrap

Lisa Jay

I’ve had a hard time deciding which team to join! I love all lengths of wrap I don’t have a favourite – so out of my two Fispi this is my fave – a size 3 Calluna Callisto Birch Trees! Thanks to the 50% wool this is the best shorty ever 😍 Love it!

helen back carry short wrap


Short Wrap Carry Tutorials

This is me doing a  FWCC TUB. My go-to carry is usually a RRR but on this occasion I was lugging a massive rucksack for a long train journey. My 1.5 year old fell asleep while I fed her on the train & I managed to wrap her AND keep her asleep for an entire tube/train transfer! Here’s me in a lift looking as smug as I felt! 

sushila FWCC TUB


I love all sizes, but I learned to wrap with a size 3 when I was new to babywearing, so shorties have a special place in my heart.

leah short wraps


We ditched the long wraps about 6 months into our wrapping journey and pretty well never looked back! The brilliant thing about #superbshortwraps is that you can still do multi-layer carries but with an adapted finish, so you get all the support with none of the muddy tails 😉 sadly we very rarely wrap these days but whenever we go out for a park trip a shortie always comes with us “just in case”. And the fact that they kept me warm while watching my small people dash around is an added bonus.

kate uses short wrap as a scarf


As baby turns to toddler I am definitely in team#SuperbShortwraps. I love the ability to wear a size three as a scarf or pop in a bag in case wee one gets tired. I like a basic ruck or FWCC TAS.

paula front carry short wrap



This is only a taste of the versatility and function of mid-length wraps. You can read more about the benefits of long and mid-length wraps on our blog.
Firespiral regularly stocks wraps in sizes 2 to 8, but can make size 1 and size 9+ on request. We offer a pre-order on all new releases, giving you the chance to buy a size that we don’t routinely stock.

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