Meet Our New Tying Instructions Models!

new instruction book model: Lisa

It has been a long while since we last updated our instruction booklets. If you have a booklet from one of our earliest releases you might remember Dan teaching you how to Front Wrap Cross Carry. More recent booklets feature our own Jen, wrapping a tiny baby Nina.
Since Nina is now nearly 4yrs old, we thought it was time for a new set of pictures!
Dan: Front Wrap Cross Carry

Our local photographer (and babywearing expert) Katrina Shepherd shot our newest photos with the fantastic Lisa and her little one a few weeks back, with the help of fellow wrap-jedi Anne. The whole thing took place in Kat’s own front room!

Anne helps get the photoshoot readyKatrina Shepherd, photographera happy baby getting wrapped

So much of our business happens in the most ordinary of situations, surrounded by every day life. It it is amazing to see what can be achieved without fancy offices & studios, by small, independent businesses, blending work and family commitments.

creating images for the tying instruction booklet

finished image from the photoshoot
Thousands of years back, women weren’t faced with a decision to make- child rearing, home life and vocational work all overlapped in a way that was physically demanding but non-conflicting. Over the centuries, as workers became fuel for a capitalist society, women only had a value working inside the factory. Child rearing was at conflict with capitalism- it wasn’t profitable, so we overrode our instincts and sidelined it. We turned bringing up babies into menial, unimportant work that was at odds with our everyday lives.

Obviously we never really forgot how central the act of bringing up babies is to human society, and the scar created by our ripping apart ‘work’ from ‘parenthood’ still burns across us in the form of our collective guilt. When we stay at home to care for children, we can feel that we don’t contribute fully to society, we can be isolated, because parenting has become a lone task, we miss having vocational work to do. When we work outside the home we have to work incredibly hard to make all the separate pieces of our lives fit, because they aren’t designed to slot together neatly. We often make personal sacrifices as a result.  As humans we have several basic needs in order to live a fulfilled life, and it can be tricky to meet all those needs when work life and family life are so disparate

Working from home is by no means an easy option, and obviously isn’t an option at all for many people, whose workplace is naturally fixed elsewhere. It does offer the chance to erase the artificial divide between home life and work life. It cuts through the isolation of staying at home, providing social connections and the chance to adopt a variety of roles beyond ‘caregiver’. There are loads of impracticalities to working from home; trying to do anything with small children around is immediately more complicated (and if I’ve ever replied to your email, it was probably whilst sat under the kitchen table, or breastfeeding a toddler to sleep).
kitchen overrun with yarn cones

By supporting our business, you are not only helping us, you are supporting all the other small businesses that we work with too. In the mid 1990’s, Elizabeth Wayland Barber predicted that the advent of the internet would allow parents to re-ignite the old ways of working from within the home, and that in the long term, we would see a paradigm shift, where bringing up children took its rightful place in our lives, and ‘women’s work’ was no longer a derogatory term. I hope that we are the pioneers of this new-old way of life!

Our lovely new instruction booklets will be in production later this year, and will be sent out with all wraps. You can see more of Katrina’s photography work here and on facebook.  She is based in the North West of England and has a natural flare for family and babywearing portraits.

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