Virtual Winter Wovenland 2019

join the fun this Friday!

For the past few years we’ve thrown a winter party, with games, giveaways, discounts, special wraps and lots of fun for all of us!
We know that lots of you can’t make it to join us in person though, so we also throw a virtual party that everyone can attend.

This year’s event will start on Friday 18th (probably sometime around 11am GMT to give us time to get ourselves organised in the morning) and carry on over the weekend.
We’ll have discount codes for you to use in the shop during the event, there will be silly games that you can join in on our chatter group, facebook page and instagram account to win prizes. We’ll have some exclusive things for sale too

We’ll also have free giveaways that you can enter now, with winners drawn over the weekend (so you don’t have to be around during the event to take part). We do love it when you can join in with us though- it fuels our silliness and creativity with games and prizes.

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