Dryad Cyano Seafoam Special Length Pre-order!


We are now offering special length woven wraps, scarves,  Integra buckle carriers, Taylors Babywearing Rose Shoulder ring slings and Wompat Babywearing Bags on pre-order from our Dryad Cyano Seafoam cloth so that we can get them cut for you whilst we still have cloth on the roll.

Dryad Cyano Seafoam is a heavier weight blend of 56% cotton, 18% viscose, 16% hemp, 10% linen. The cloth is dense and blankety in hand, with a fluffy softness after a few washes and a little wear. The viscose providing bounce and the linen and hemp a strong solidity. Dryad works well in both single pass and multi-layer carries and is great with heavier children. Read more about it on our wrap database!

This pre-order will be open for just over 1 week,  until 7th April 2019.

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