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Do You Want to be a Tester for Our Wraps?

Babies inevitably grow up, and people stop babywearing. We always need more people to join the ranks of our excellent current testers, read on to see if you could help us out!

Leslie asks a friend and her baby to model the tester wrap while she takes pictures

What Does a Tester do?

As we only retail online, it can be hard for our customers to get an idea of what a wrap is like in real life.

 We need testers to take videos and photos, or write honest reviews which will then inform customers in making their choices.

 You are demonstrating the wrap for the benefit of other customers, rather than ‘product testing’ for us (where you’d just be feeding back to us privately about a new development we’d made). It is also very different to hosting a privately travelling wrap- you are required to give a lot more feedback in the form of photos, videos etc than you would if you were just ‘having a turn’ with someone’s wrap, maybe sharing a photo or two and then posting it on.

Tester photograph of a travelling wrap- Petrichor Winter Hill, emailed to Firespiral for us to share Photo: Andrea Kuzelj Westin. Instagram: @andreakuzelj

Each wrap is woven as part of a limited edition, so we only have 4 test wraps for every design, to promote the other 30-40 wraps in the release. This means that every sample wrap has to work very hard to generate plenty of useful images and feedback before it is retired.

As a tester, you are sent a wrap (either unreleased or in-stock) for you to wrap with and then send us photos/videos and written reviews. You might need to wash and or iron the wrap. We might also need you to measure the wrap for us (and we can help you with all of this). You can email images to us directly, or post them on publicly visible social media channels and tag us in them for us to reshare. You then post the wrap back to us, or post it to someone else, or in some circumstances you’ll keep it.

Testers are not brand ambassadors, and we don’t expect you to be pushing sales or promoting on behalf of the business in any way, other than sharing your impartial views.

A blog post written on a public facebook page by When Tania Talks

What do I Get in Return?

Whilst it is great fun to be the first to try new wraps, there is also a lot of work involved, and we want to say thank you. We also know that testers get involved at different levels, so we try to compensate you accordingly.

Minimal Testers:
At the most basic level, testers might only have the ability to take a few photos, maybe write a quick post on social media sharing your thoughts on a wrap, then posting it back to us, or on to the next person. We would cover your postage and packing  costs either via paypal, or as store credit, so that you aren’t out of pocket. This kind of arrangement is only available to UK based testers, purely because we don’t have the capacity to arrange international testing routes for such short stays.

Standard Testers:
Some testers might provide us with far more usable content- a blog post, plenty of clear images or videos, social media posts etc. They would also keep the whole process moving independently (email us with a gentle reminder rather than waiting for us to contact them) and for that we would either send you store credit, discount codes, or you can keep one wrap in every few testing routes that you participate in as payment for your efforts. If you keep the wrap you can either use it or sell/trade it straight away- we’re not bothered about that! You can talk to us about the kind of reimbursement that would suit you best.

Professional Photographers:
If you have more than just a decent camera phone and an eye for a good shot, then you can join our professional photographers and organise a photoshoot. You can either keep the wrap or negotiate your a fee for images.

Tester Co-ordinators:
A few testers not only review the wrap for us, they also co-ordinate a testing tour for the wrap to travel round other people for testing too. They find the other testers, email us regularly with everyone’s images/videos and updates of the wrap’s progress. At the end of each testing tour they can then keep the wrap. We are unable to reimburse the postage between the other testers on the tour that you arrange.
This is the arrangement that we prefer for all international testers.

Angela shares her review via a blog website

What Makes a Good Tester?

You don’t need to have lots of experience of wrapping or do any fancy carries, you don’t need to have your own blog or an expensive camera. You don’t have to be glamorous! You don’t need to write an essay for us, you don’t have to like the wrap that you tried (although we’d like you to give context for what you didn’t like about it and say why!)

Our best testers are:

proactive and organised
We’re a very small business, run by only two people, and this means that we are incredibly busy, and headless chickens soon lose track of the email inbox, so you often need to be patient and persistent with us…

We need you to be able to do the testing and send images/videos/reviews etc back to us within the time frame without us having to chase you for it.
You may need to email and remind us if you still have a wrap that needs to be returned and sent on, or give us a nudge to do something for you.
The testers that we send wraps to most often are the ones who make the whole process easier for us and that we can rely on to contact us. We’re very friendly, so if you are ever having an issue you can drop us a line and we’ll sort it.

We also recognise that health and social issues can leave you feeling unfairly hindered in this regard. If this applies to you then please still get in touch and we’ll try to find a solution- whether that be organising your testing so that you get more time, or maybe buddying up with someone else.

Tester photos and video shared on Instagram

able to take good quality photos and or videos
We need images that are clear, well lit and in focus. They need to show the wrap clearly and give an accurate representation of colour. They need to be high enough resolution files for us to share via social media and/or our website. Most phone cameras can manage this nowadays. You need to have permission to share the image from the camera person and anyone in the photo. We’d rather that you didn’t use digital stickers etc to obscure your child’s face on the photo.

You don’t need any major photography skills, but a good eye for colour accuracy and an interesting shot really helps. It is sad when we can’t use a lovely image because the wrap looks the wrong colour (which is misleading for customers) or where the composition of the image means that you can barely see the wrap!

Videos are really helpful for our customers- even 5-10 second clips- because cloth is 3 dimensional and fluid. Seeing how a wrap moves can be really useful. You don’t need to make indepth wrapping tutorials, but watching a knot being tied, or seeing how a carry looks as you walk down the street is often very interesting.

Regular wrappers
You need to have the opportunity and time not only to use the wrap, but to get photos and videos of you doing so. This can be really tricky! With only 4 tester wraps available worldwide, you can’t really have the wrap stuck in a cupboard for 2 weeks because you’ve not had chance to play with it. You can have any age of child (or borrow someone else’s). We’d rather you not wrap animals or dolls though! Not all of your images need to be of wrapping though- flat shots, close ups, colour comparisons are all really helpful too

If all this sounds like more work than you can handle, you can always hire from Its a Sling Thing . They have unreleased wraps available to hire, and for every hire they will send you a £20 discount code for you to redeem against any wrap in our shop, so that the hire hasn’t cost you anything in the long run.

We’re also committed to trying to represent the full diversity of wrappers in the babywearing community. If you feel like you don’t fit the bill because you aren’t the person you regularly see testing wraps , then you could actually be exactly who we need to redress the balance! We are reliant on testers reaching out to us, and so the more people who offer up their skills, the wider the group becomes.

Mariusz shares his reviews across multiple social media sites

How Do I Get Involved?

The starting point is to email us at contact@firespiralslings.co.uk. We can then talk about how best we can work together. It is useful for you to give us a little information about you and your babywearing journey to date, and examples of your photographs, links to any public social media accounts or blogs if you have them. That all helps us to determine what would work best for both of us.

If you have already contacted us in the past, then please feel free to get back in touch! The reality of being such a small team is that things can easily slip through the net as soon as we have a run of busy days, and if you don’t get back in touch, or your email disappears down off the end of the page then chances are we’ll not remember to get back in contact with you. It is nothing personal! It can also take a while for us to respond during busy periods.

Unfortunately we can’t work with anyone who is an official brand ambassador or in any other way employed by another wrap brand.
We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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