What Should We Weave Next?

UPDATE You Decided!


The Waterwitch Cirrus Murmuration option was the clear favourite, so that is what we have woven, along with the Sleepydust Cirrus Nocturne

Do you remember the ‘choose your own adventure books’? This is the babywearing equivalent, and with less chance of your being carried off by marauding orcs at the end…

We’re starting off 2021 with a small collection of just a couple of different wraps, woven on our Cirrus warp. This is a warm, creamy ecru colour that we’ve used previously (see examples below). We now need to decide what gets woven onto it.

We’ve already selected the linen weft yarns that we plan to use, and you can hear Jen explain all about them here.

The linen is a fantastic 2 ply Italian spun yarn, just like our very first 50% linen wraps were. They make for soft and shimmery wraps that are far easier to use than standard linen- require no breaking in and aren’t prone to creasing in the way that linen usually is.

We guess that all these wraps will work out at around 260gsm.

Wrap number 1: Sleepydust Cirrus Nocturne

We’ve selected two different shades for our wefts. This lavender blue linen is a weft yarn that we’ve named “Sleepydust”.


We’re planning to weave this Sleepydust weft on the Cirrus warp using our Nocturne design. This will give us a soft blue and cream 50% linen wrap, full of moons and clouds! This will defnitely go ahead and be just one of our standard limited edition releases. We’ll weave a couple of rolls of cloth, make what we can from them, and then once the cloth is used up the design is sold out.

The Nocturne design

Wrap number 2: Waterwitch Cirrus ‘????’

Waterwitch is our second linen weft, and it is a deep petrol teal colour.


We asked our fans to choose which of our designs they’d like to see this woven in, and the two most popular options by far were Murmuration and Seafoam (with Starmap not far behind)

Murmuration ended up being the winner. Here are some images of it currently in production!

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