Woven wrap base size calculator study – we need your help!

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We need your help! We get so many emails and phone calls from people who are wanting to buy their first wrap but have no idea which size to choose. So with this in mind, we have decided to try and create a ‘base size calculator’, somewhere where a new wrapper can put in a few details, push a button and get a recommendation of base size in return. In order to do this properly, we need to collect some data from experienced wrappers to check our theory and refine the calculations needed.
Initially, we asked our Loyalty Club members, but looking at the data that has come back we realise we need more information in order to make the study meaningful.

First, watch the video below where Jen will explain all, then, if you think you can help, take your measurements and come back here to fill in the form below. We don’t ask you for your name or any other identifying information when collecting the data. The form is short and should only take a minute to fill in (if that!).

Thank you so much for your help in creating something that we think will make life easier for new wrappers from all over the world!
Tamsin and Jen x

Woven Wrap Base Size Calculator Study

Collecting information from wrappers to help develop a standardized wrap base size calculator, to help those who are new to wrapping.
  • Please give this measurement in centimetres, to the nearest centimetre. If you are used to measuring in inches you can use the conversion chart here. https://www.inches-to-cm.com/
    This is the size that you would need to comfortably tie a front wrap cross carry with your child
  • This is optional but may be useful!
  • This is optional but if you choose to answer please tell us which sizing system you are using.

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