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Copper Glasto Harvest

The image of a bare-branched tree is something that has always resonated strongly with me (you’d only need to take a quick look at my art collection to come to that conclusion yourself!). I love the metamorphosis that autumn brings, the once verdant leaves turning red and copper and gold, dropping to the ground and […]

Autumn Dendron Harvest

Whether you go by the the months or the equinox, there is no denying that  summer is on the wane and autumn is on our doorstep. We are starting our autumn releases with a 100% combed cotton wrap “Autumn Dendron Harvest”. This is a new design- and a seasonal imagining of our midwinter tree. It has two […]

All About Firespiral

This is your handy guide to Firespiral- who we are, what we make, our designs, and the ethos behind our company. About Us Firespiral is the creation of friends, Tamsin and Jen. We set up the company back in 2012 after a joke about weaving our own wraps got out of hand! We’re based in […]

New Blankets:

A look at what we have in the works!

Our recycled cotton blankets are made here in our Lancashire mill, and each design is only woven in small quantities- often no more than 25. We use your suggestions and requests to decide which design and colourway to weave next. You can read more here about how lovely our blankets are! The whole process of […]

Framed pictures

framed pictures collage

Your favourite Firespiral designs mounted and framed behind glass.

Your choice of 8 different designs with either black or white frames. The price for a single picture is £16 and there are discounts available for the purchase of multiple pictures.

Seafoam, Winter Hill, Charters Moss, Vortex, Midwinter, Harvest, Autumn Birches, Spring Birches

The images are printed in black and white on a thick 350gsm card and are A6 sized   The frames measure 19cm by 24cm and have both a loop for wall hanging and an arm for standing up on a surface.


Garnet Callisto Kaleidoscope

Wrap Database

Weft Name: Garnet Warp Name: Callisto Design Name: Kaleidoscope GSM: 276 Weave Structure: Alchemy weave Average Width: 69cm Blend: 72% cotton 16% hemp 12% viscose  Related Wraps: Garnet Moorland Kaleidoscope is identical in all but the warp colour. Asphodel Cirrus Seafoam and Asphodel Cirrus Tentacular Spectacular have similar wrapping qualities but a slightly lower gsm Wrapping […]

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