Firespiral Slings woven baby wraps are designed and woven in the UK. Our designs are inspired by the universal patterns in nature that stray into both science and myth; the magical way in which we are connected to the world and its rhythms.

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Acorn Burnish Gossamer

Acorn Burnish Gossamer
100% cotton
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100% cotton, Alchemy weave, 275gsm
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Product Description

Acorn Burnish Gossamer is a heavier medium weight, at approximately 275 grams per square metre. The Burnish warp is a softly fluffy, warm grey-brown combed cotton. The cotton weft, a gradation of 3 tones of gold, bronze and pale olive really brings out the brown in the Burnish warp.

This wrap is woven using our soft and cushioning Alchemy weave, and is soft enough from new to carry a delicate newborn in comfort, and strong enough to comfortably support the weight of a toddler. More pictures and information can be found in our blog.

 **Please note that these wraps are 'loom state' and will require washing before first wear. This first wash will set the weave, fluff up the cotton and clean out dust that has accumulated during weaving and hemming, so is an essential part of the process** This wrap is machine washable.

The price includes postage to the UK. Postage for the rest of the world is £5.