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Firespiral Loyalty Club

Updates for 2021

loyalty club logo

We’ve had to make yet more changes to our business as a result of Brexit (which truly is the gift that keeps on giving) and these have had a knock- on effect on our loyalty scheme. In the spirit of positive thinking, we’ve used this as an opportunity to improve our system, and we’ll tell […]

What Should We Weave Next?

UPDATE You Decided!


**UPDATE**The Waterwitch Cirrus Murmuration option was the clear favourite, so that is what we have woven, along with the Sleepydust Cirrus Nocturne Do you remember the ‘choose your own adventure books’? This is the babywearing equivalent, and with less chance of your being carried off by marauding orcs at the end… We’re starting off 2021 […]

How to Buy From the Firespiral Shop

Explaining what we mean by ‘back-order’, ‘pre-order’ and ‘in-stock’

As a small manufacturer, we don’t always work things in the same way that larger shops do, so here’s a quick look at how our shop works! When you look at what is available in our shop you’ll see that items are one of 3 things: In Stock This one is pretty self explanatory- it […]

Winter Wovenland 2020

Our 5th Annual Winter Party!

winter wovenland 2020

Every year since 2016 we’ve had a winter-time party with our customers, and this year is no exception, despite the unusual circumstances of pandemic lockdown that many of us find ourselves in!This year’s party will, of course, be held virtually, but there’ll still be plenty of fun! The festivities will be held over the 4th, […]

Pendle Warp

Collection Overview

pendle warp group shot

As with many of our wraps, the inspiration for this warp came from our local landscape. My kids and I were talking about colours on a walk over the moors behind our house. They were intrigued by how all the things in nature appeared black at first glance, but are actually very dark shades of […]

Chalice Pendle Midwinter

Wrap Database

chalice pendle midwinter

Weft Name: ChaliceWarp Name: PendleDesign Name: MidwinterGSM: 325Weave Structure: AlchemyAverage Width: 68cmBlend: Organic Combed Cotton 55% Merino 28% Hemp 17%Related Wraps: Very similar to the Touchstone weft wraps and Crucible Burnish Petrography only this wrap has a slightly higher wool content than them.Wrapping Qualities: Care Requirements: Follow our care instructions for wool wraps. This is […]

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