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Name our wrap competition for International Babywearing Week 2015

Here it is – a Tourbillon design wrap on our deep indigo Twilight warp, with a weft of alternating linen and cotton threads. We have used both weft yarns on our Twilight warp before, the linen we called Winter and the cotton we called Spring. So now we need a name for this weft, and […]

Aconite Dendron Gossamer: Guest Review!!

This review is guest written by Sam. She is mum to two boisterous boys and has wrapped them both from small babies. You can find her wrapping blog, including reviews, giveaways and the current wrapping challenge, at www.facebook.com/thewrapdiaries.   I have to admit I jumped at the chance to try one of the new autumn releases […]

#ISpyFispi competition re-vamped!

We have thought of a new way to run our #ISpyFispi competition!   Simply tag your pictures of our wraps with #ISpyFispi when you post them on social media sites so that we can search for them,  we will contact you for persmission to display your picture and we will display shortlisted images on our new website […]

Dendron Wrap Photoshoot

The weather was just right for today’s photoshoot- the warm sun of early autumn set against the heavy grey clouds…We followed the lower path to the base of Cheetham Close and without having to climb too high, we were greeted by some lovely views of Winter Hill. This is the landscape that inspired both of these wrap designs and so […]

A glimpse of Autumn

If you attended the Natural Mamas Big Camp this year then you may already have had a play with some of our new autumn wraps. They’ve been visiting some of our local sling meets to. As there are already some pictures of them out there we thought that you should formally meet them! We’ll be introducing each one individually […]

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