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Scotland here we come…!

Working from home is nice, but the majority of my communication with humans outside of my family happens via my computer keyboard. So when the chance comes to actually interact with other lovely sling loving humans on the plane of reality I grab it in both hands! 

Green wefts (and a special offer…)

This is a comparison of 6 of our wraps which all have green in their wefts. Poseidon Cirrus Seafoam, Elven Burnish Birch Trees, Woodsprite Burnish Birch Trees, Springtime Octarine Birch Trees, Sunlit Aqua Birch Trees and Bracken Aqua Gossamer. [kad_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FxiflBmksVk” ]     Poseidon, Sunlit and Bracken are all still available on our website but we only have […]

A sewing project using cloth from The Honeycomb Loom

You may already know that Firespiral Slings have teamed up with Baie Slings in a joint venture called The Honeycomb Loom. We pooled our considerable collective skills and experience to develop a beautiful woven wrap cloth that we can sell by the metre for use in all manner of projects. Our weave structure has a […]

Fledgling Scheme for first time buyers: Updated

“Buy your first ever woven wrap and receive half of the purchase price back to spend on whatever you like in our shop!” The Fledgling scheme gives first time buyers 50% of the price of your first wrap back as gift card credit for you to spend in our shop, whenever and however you like. There […]

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