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Our Early Sketchbooks

Look Inside!

Come and have a flick through our earliest sketchbooks! If you’ve ever visited our stall at a babywearing event, you may have already seen our old sketchbooks, which contain the creative seeds of some of our first designs. We’ve been trying to provide a little more background and insight into all our designs, to tell […]

The Birth of Seafoam

Design History

Seafoam was the very first design that we completed back in 2012,! It helped to crystallise our creative house style that can be seen in some form across all of our subsequent designs. We regularly use the same techniques of: Combining traditional media (pencil, paint) with digital designing, then using digital drawing tools in a […]

2m Wrap cloth project – child’s cape

freddie mercury murmuration cape

I made this beautiful Twig + Tale Traveller Cape for my daughter after receiving the pattern in my monthly pattern subscription from In A Haystack. In A Haystack is a small UK company who help ” stitchers discover sewing patterns for garments and fabric from independent suppliers in a fun, flexible and budget-friendly way”. I […]

Absolute Bobbins Babywearing Bags


Absolute Bobbins is a creative sewing company, run by the multi-talented Alison Barton-Simmons. She developed her babywearing bag design back in 2015. They are handmade by Alison here in Bolton, close to Firespiral HQ. Her bags are designed to fit comfortably around you and your child when they are in the wrap. The wide wrap […]

Product focus – Ring Slings

ring sling collage

We recently started adding Ring Slings as an option to our ‘made to order’ selection, and they have been a great addition to our range of products – but today, for the first time, we have added some in-stock ring slings to our site! Our ring slings are made for us by Sarah Taylor, formerly […]

Firespiral Scarves and Cowls

nina scarf

We have 3 different styles of neckwear for you to choose from, so here is a quick comparison of the scarves and cowls available in our shop. style Dimensions Features Full width Cowl full wrap width, 95cm circumference reversible, simple to wear, chunky style and warm,can be worn as hood Scarf half wrap width2.2m length […]

The Birth of Geode

Design History

It is always hard to unpick the development process of our designs, because they are born out of a melting pot of ideas that can have been cooking for months or years! So Geode was the result of a few strands of thought that were twisted together. We had been interested by the natural world’s […]

Sunset and Cyano

2 New Warps for 2019

The first cloth of 2019 has been woven, and we though that you would like to see the new warp colours that we’ve used! Putting our own coloured warp on the loom is a big undertaking so we have to weave several different designs on each one. This means that choosing the warp is the […]

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