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What’s in a Name? Firespiral’s Wrap Naming System


Names perform an important function in our society. They have the practical function of allowing us to identify something, but they also actively bring something to the identity of their owner. We grow into our names and they infuse new meaning into us, creating invisible links with the rest of our world. Here is an […]

Design Your Own Custom Firespiral Blanket

We offer the opportunity for you to make your own custom blanket, selecting from our existing designs and a colour palette of recycled cotton yarns. All you need to do is find 19 other people who will join you in the pre-order!You can choose any of our designs and have it woven in any of […]

Alchemy, Elements and Synergy: our 3 Weave Structures

The basic process of weaving is fairly similar for all types of cloth,  however there are lots of variables in the weaving process that can be changed to create massive differences in how cloth feels and behaves, and one of those is weave structure. 

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