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Comparing Wool Blend Woven Wraps: Woven Wrap Geekery!!

We have worked hard to find a repeatable source of easy to use, easy to care for, machine washable wool, and this is a post that gives you a more in-depth look into our standard lines of wool weft and the different ways we use them.

Nebra Octarine Starmap and our love for 100% cotton !

  Where does the Firespiral love of cotton come from?   When we first started out, Tamsin and I sat at my kitchen table one Sunday morning (with good coffee and danish pastries to make us feel more professional) and we made a list of the things that were close to our hearts that we wanted […]

The Birth of Charters Moss

Design History

There is a visual lexicon to every geographical area, and around where I live it is the moorland grass tufts, crisscrossed with glittering peaty brown ribbons of water cutting their path down the hillsides. Ochre grass, red shale, evergreen forest plantations filled with deer and pheasants. Our newest design is called Charters Moss, named after […]

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