European Babywearing Week 2020

European Babywearing week provides an opportunity for the babywearing community to connect internationally and celebrate our common bonds. There is a new theme each year, and the theme for 2020 is

“the fourth trimester and beyond”

When my first baby was born, I felt a real pressure to try and ‘return to normal’ as quickly as possible and I often heard other new mums claim with pride that their new baby wasn’t going to change their life in any way!

It took a good few weeks of feeling lost and guilty for me to find my local attachment parenting group, who reassured me that it was okay for my new baby to have temporarily consumed my life, and that he was pretty much still a part of me! I’d been accepting of him taking over my body during pregnancy, and even though he was now ‘earthside’, he still needed me to sustain him almost as much as he did pre-birth.

He hated being put down, so I was carrying him in a sling during the day and co-sleeping at night, whilst the cot and pram lay empty. The sling was a lifesaver during those first few months, and it made us both feel safe.

Newborn Nina’s first carry in a wrap

By the time my 3rd baby was born 5 years later, my parenting confidence had bloomed. I felt comfortable enough to give us both the time we needed to establish our relationship and to ignore any well meant advice that didn’t feel right to us. Babywearing offered me a way to meet my new baby’s 4th trimester need for closeness and security whilst also looking after two older children.

We’d love to hear how babywearing figured in your own 4th trimester experiences!

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