Firecrest Mercury Microcosm

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Weft Name: Firecrest
Warp Name: Mercury
Design Name: Microscom
GSM: 345gsm
Weave Structure: Alchemy
Average Width: 
Blend:  50% combed cotton 50% wool
Related Wraps: The wool weft is the same yarn as used in Greystoke Glasto Birch Trees and Calluna Callisto/Calluna Moorland Birch Trees. It is also the same wool as Tarn Moorland Starmap, but that wrap feels different as it is woven using the Elements weave, whereas Firecrest and the others are Alchemy weave
Wrapping Qualities:
Care Requirements: As an 100% wool weft, these wraps need to be washed on a wool cycle in your washing machine. This wrap needs to be washed several times from new, in order to get the natural processing oils out of the wool and make it feel fully soft and fluffy. If you choose to handwash your wrap then it may need more washes, as handwashing isn’t as effective as a machine. Most UK and European washing machines have a perfectly safe wool cycle, but we hear that US machines are more of an unknown quantity. You need to use a wool safe detergent, and the wrap doesn’t need to be dried inbetween those initial washes.
For drying, you can hang over a maiden or peg the wrap on the line until dry, then iron on a low, wool setting.
Release Date: 21st October 2019
Label Identification Code: MER003
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