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pile of wraps for sale

We decided to create a second hand sales marketplace that emulated the style of the old babywearing forums.

If you’ve been babywearing for as long as we have, you’ll remember the point at which the babywearing community shifted from living in forums like Natural Mamas, Stillen und Tragen, Dragen en Voeden and The Babywearer and pitched up pretty solidly on the ‘new’ social media sites of Facebook, Instagram (and possibly others that I’ve never got to grips with)!

Social media sites are brilliant for babywearers in lots of ways. They are dynamic and naturally social, they make it easy for us to chat, share images & pictures, learn new things etc- all good stuff that the forums sometimes struggled with.

They aren’t really that great when it comes to selling things second hand though. Slings sell for a lot of money compared with other second hand items, so they are still a pretty big purchase. We often need to take our time when it comes to buying- to think carefully, research, ask questions etc. The fast pace of social media and their algorithms makes it hard to keep your item being seen over the course of a few weeks.

We loved how the forums allowed you space to create a little advert for your item. You could add plenty of information, photos, links etc and then know that your wrap would be easily viewed and searched for over the coming weeks, without disappearing from view or being impossible to find once you’d created it!

As a business, we know that the wraps that we promote better always sell better. The same goes for second hand sales. New babywearers may never have heard of your classic wrap, and you will need to let them know how amazing it is (and why) if you want to catch their attention! We think that this second hand marketplace forum will become a useful hub for you to use alongside Facebook

You can find our second hand marketplace on our website. You’ll be able to list Firespiral wraps for sale or trade and leave feedback on there too. You can then link your forum sales listing to your sales posts inside facebook groups etc, but your forum post will also be visible in general internet searches unlike facebook sales posts, giving you the greatest possible coverage for selling or trading your wrap.
We’ve designed the forum with mobile use in mind, and you just need an email address and username to create an account (or use your existing Firespiral account). The only thing we don’t have is a private messaging system, but I’m sure that you’ll figure out a way of communicating with each other!

So why not give it a try?!

pile of wraps for sale

Some Pointers for Using the Second Hand Marketplace:

We have no jurisdiction over sales and we don’t vet members, so take the usual precautions when buying second hand items from someone that you don’t know.

You can list any Firespiral item (or item made from Firespiral cloth) for sale or trade. You can offer up non-Firespiral items in reply to a trade offer, but please don’t list non-Firespiral items for sale or trade (even if you are looking for a Firespiral in return for your non-Firespiral wrap).

Be sensible and honest with your descriptions, ask questions, don’t make assumptions about items or each other. Leave fair, objective feedback.

Be friendly by all means, but the forum is for sales and trades only. Social media is designed for chatter and questions, so we’ll leave that to them!

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