Green wefts (and a special offer…)

This is a comparison of 6 of our wraps which all have green in their wefts. Poseidon Cirrus Seafoam, Elven Burnish Birch Trees, Woodsprite Burnish Birch Trees, Springtime Octarine Birch Trees, Sunlit Aqua Birch Trees and Bracken Aqua Gossamer.

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Poseidon, Sunlit and Bracken are all still available on our website but we only have one or two left in Woodsprite and Poseidon so if you want to try one, now is the time! 

We’ve a little special offer for you, watch the video and look out for the little animal that appears in it! If you buy any of the wraps featured in the video from our shop from now until the end of the month, write the name of the animal in the comments box and we’ll send you an extra special goody bag with over £50 worth of things in it!

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  1. Felicity Bass
    June 17, 2017



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