Lichen Sand Birch Trees

100% combed cotton, available from Fri 4th July (9pm BST)

As the weather finally warms a little in the North of England, we are gearing up for some light and summery wraps; Lichen Birch Trees are the first release from our new sand coloured combed cotton warp. The weft is made up of two different coloured cottons which gives a softer look to the design, and we have made some seasonal changes to the woodland floor as the bracken has now fully unfurled and created a soft green carpet.

This is a medium weight wrap and looks equally lovely with either side facing out. Being woven from 100% high quality combed cotton, this wrap can be used confidently, then slung in the washing machine after a day of outdoor use (including being wedged in a tree and chucked in a field for photographic purposes!!) We’ll get some action shots on here as soon as possible. These wraps will be available in the shop from Friday 4th July at 9pm (BST).


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