8-Bit Obsidian Geode


79% cotton, 15% viscose, 6% linen 260gsm


8-Bit Obsidian Geode is medium weight at around 260gsm and very soft from the first wash. To wrap with it is very mouldable and easy to tighten, making it really simple to get an excellent wrap job. Once tied it has a good amount of bounce and doesn’t sag. Its fluffiness is marshmallowy on the shoulders. A great wrap to use from birth to pre-school (I wrap my 4-year-old in 8-Bit and it works really well for us!).

Care Requirements: No special care requirements, can be machine washed, tumble dried and ironed according to the care instructions.

Notes:  8-Bit refers to the computer graphics that we remember from our childhood, from playing games like Super Mario Land on a Nintendo Game Boy in the late 80’s (showing our age here ;)). The Geode design in these colours makes us think of those platform games of our youth. The 8-Bit weft is a gradation between turquoise and royal blue, the subtle colour change giving the appearance of amazing shimmer.

**Please note that these wraps are ‘loom state’ and will require washing before first wear. This first wash will set the weave, fluff up the fibres and clean out dust that has accumulated during weaving and hemming, so is an essential part of the process**

The price includes postage to the UK. Postage within Europe is £8 per order and to the rest of the world is just £10 per order.


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