Aconite Dendron Harvest Double Blanket: Deposit Payment Only


This is a £20 non-refundable deposit for a double sized  (160cm x 190cm) Aconite Dendron Harvest blanket, made from recycled cotton.
You can read more about our blankets here
The balance of £70 (plus international shipping if applicable) will be payable when the blankets have been woven and are ready to post out. We cannot guarantee the timescale for the blanket production- it can easily take 12 weeks from the order being placed (which will only happen once enough orders have been placed). If all goes well we’ll have no news about the blankets until they arrive at our workshop. If we are informed of a delay in production we will send you an updated time scale.

Should you wish to, you may transfer your deposit to another person without penalty. We do not need to be informed of the change, and you will still receive the email with the link to pay the balance. You will need to forward this to whoever is taking your place in the pre-order. They will need to put your name and your preorder deposit order number in the comments as proof that they are taking your place.

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This is a £20 deposit payment for a double blanket based on the Aconite Dendron colourway, but in the Harvest wrap design. The blanket will include a little hedgehog snuffling around in the fallen leaves, and a bottom border of toadstools and creatures.
These blankets will be woven as a preorder and so will take a minimum of 12 weeks to be ready. You will be notified via email when they are ready for you, and the £70 (plus upto £10 shipping for international orders) balance won’t be required until this point. Once we request the balance, you will have two weeks to settle the invoice.
As these blankets haven’t been woven yet, any images are just a mock up of how they will look.


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