Fantasia Obsidian Curves of Pursuit

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31% merino lambswool, 69% combed cotton, 290gsm

Fantasia Obsidian Curves of Pursuit is  perfect for all but the hottest days! The heavier weight (machine washable) wool-blend wrap in these beautiful warm tones will leave you feeling warm and snug on a chilly day.

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Fantasia Obsidian Curves of Pursuit is perfect for all but the hottest days! The heavier weight (machine washable) wool-blend woven wrap in these beautiful warm tones will leave you feeling warm and snug on a chilly day.

A thicker weight wrap at 295gsm. The black warp face is silky soft with the incursions of weft providing grip and texture. The coloured wool face feels like a well-loved wool jumper with any original prickle being softened through washing and a small amount of breaking in. It wraps really nicely, the wool providing cushioning and a little bounce, great for heavier wrappees. The thickness may make it a little more difficult to wrap a newborn due to the bulk of the fabric, but it can be done. It is soft and easy to wrap with from the first wash.

Our limited-edition cloth is woven in England from ethically sourced yarns.

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8 reviews for Fantasia Obsidian Curves of Pursuit

  1. Lennon Clark

    I wasn’t expecting to love this wrap as much as I did. The colors didn’t appeal to me at first glance. But, in person, they are just lovely and after wrapping with it, I was sold! It is thin in hand (for a medium-heavy weight wrap) and easy to wrap with. It is SO supportive and feels so good, even with big kids. I was blown away and can’t wait to own my own (I borrowed a size 6 for a week recently).

  2. emmahamid (verified owner)

    Fantasia obsidian curves of pursuit is my very first woven wrap. I was really nervous having never wrapped before that I may buy one and hate it…. I was wrong.
    Well this wrap is utterly amazing! It’s been perfect for us beginning our wrapping journey, so soft and forgiving with my fumbling hands whilst watching videos to learn carries. It is stunning to look at and extremely comfortable for both myself and my chunky 7 month old baby. Caring for the wrap was so easy and I feel it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made with this purchase! I would 100% recommend this gorgeous wrap to anyone….and I have been to everyone who stops me to say how beautiful it is, how comfortable baby looks and how happy she is in it.
    Trust me, it’s well worth every penny and you will love it!

  3. heatherbayles (verified owner)

    Glowing colors, so perfect for fall. Fantasia Obsidian is cushy and cuddly and spongy, without being overly thick. So moldable with a fair amount of stretch and excellent recoil, wraps like a second skin. Soft and not prickly at all.

  4. Wendy

    Once after following the instructions on how to wash in on loom state and drying it. It didn’t take much to break it in and it was soft after drying it.
    The colours on this wrap are stunning
    It’s soft and cushy to use with both a newborn and a toddler. It’s a very usable wrap and I have carried both of my children in it at once without any problems.

  5. Asja

    Even though I had opportunity to try it for just couple days last year, it is still at top of my favourite wraps. Colours are stunning, as I love the dark part of it with colorfur party 9n the other hand. It is cushy and not too picky for me for its woolyness. Also, my husband liked it and it is one wrap he tried on his own and said it is powerful 😁😁 so it bought me double… hope to own it one day…

  6. Erna Ceman

    When I saw Fantasia Obsidian Curves of Pursuit before official release, my first impression was that I didn’t like it. Day after day it started growing on me, so I was really happy that I got the opportunity to try it out as a tester in Balkan Firespiral group. And I can’t believe that I’m going to say this, but this might be one of my favorite wraps of all time! When you touch it you feel how spongy it is, you know that the wool will do good on your shoulders. You can feel the texture and the grip that Curves of Pursuit design gives to the wraps. The colors are amazing. The Fantasia weft works perfectly with Obsidian warp. This is one of those wraps in which one you are not quite sure which side is prettier. One side is colourful with black Curves of Pursuit which perfectly tones down these colors, yet the other side is dominantly black with pop of CoP colors.

    It was love on first wrapping. This is the wrap that has all the wrapping qualities that I like, bounce, recoil and it is bandage-y. I was able to try so many fancy finishes and this wrap was perfect for it. It was used both in front carries and in back carries. After trying it in different carries my love only grew more and more. I would definitely recommend this wrap to anyone, beginner or experienced wrapper, newborn baby or a toddler. It is soft straight after the first wash and it almost doesn’t need any breaking in. I miss it badly.

  7. Alexandra (verified owner)

    This was my first wool wrap and the first firespiral wrap I bought directly from the ladies themselves. I love it!

    Quite thick in hand, with an airy and flexible weave this wrap is cushy and strong. It is easier to get a tight wrap job than you might think, I think this is because of the weave and its properties.

    It feels woolly but not prickly after two back to back washes on a wool program setting. I did not need to put it in the freezer to remove prickles, and I am a bit sensitive. I would wear this 3/4 of the year, I would probably choose something without wool in hottest summer since I don’t like wool against my bare skin.

    The colours are more beautiful in real life than cameras can capture. I prefer the woolly, colourful side out to showcase the cerise, apricot and purple gradation. If you want a more low key presentation the cotton obsidian warp face offers a subtle look with the colours showing through in the pattern. Extra plus for the nerdy pattern! More science and magic in wraps!
    If you want wool, thickness, easycare and bold colours and also want the wrap to work for smaller and bigger children, this wrap is for you! I have it in base size but I image it would work well as a shortie for a toddler aswell.

    The only downside to me is that the fluffy weave also means it is more pull prone. So if it is very important to you that your wrap is pull proof, you might be better off looking at a woolie in Elements weave or a cotton wrap in Synergy.

    My Obsidian Fantasia Curves of pursuit will be a go-to wrap for a long time!

    • Tamsin

      Thank you for taking the time to leave such a well thought out and detailed review. It is much appreciated!

  8. Mira

    Review for Fantasia Obsidian Curves of Pursuit
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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