Garnet Callisto Kaleidoscope

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72% cotton 16% hemp 12% viscose, 267gsm

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Garnet Callisto Kaleidoscope is a beautifully textured woven wrap made from a blend of cotton, hemp and viscose. It weighs around 276 gsm. It wraps really well, with the viscose giving softness, stretch and a lovely bounce and the hemp providing strength and solidity. The texture makes every carry lock into place and not budge. It is a great hot and not-so-hot weather wrap, and will effortlessly take you from summer into winter.

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4 reviews for Garnet Callisto Kaleidoscope

  1. Lisa Arthur (verified owner)

    This wrap has softened up beautifully and so quickly too. It is soft and easy to tighten because it is super moldable making it easy to use over winter coats and waterproofs. I have particularly picky shoulders and this has plenty of cush with the hemp giving strength and the viscose softness. This is now my ‘go to’ wrap and it’s in use pretty much every time I wrap. I also love that this is easy care so muddy puddles in the car park and walks in the woods hold no fear for me anymore.
    The colours just glow! If you are thinking about getting it, take the plunge – you won’t be disappointed

    • Tamsin

      Thank you so much for your lovely review Lisa, it is much appreciated!

  2. Erna Ceman

    This wrap visited us several days ago, I was quite intrigued by Kaleidoscope design but I thought that this gsm would be to low for us. My wrappee is almost one year old and he has 10,5+ kg. The wrap came quite broken in and soft. You can feel that it is quite airy due to this pattern, so I feel that this could be a perfect summer wrap, but it is really great on winter days as well, so I’d say that this is perfect all around year wrap. Plus the colors are really nicely balanced so that fits in into this all season story. . There is no significant difference between thickness of the threads in the warp and the weft, so the wrap has quite balanced ratio of grip and glide. Once you tighten it stays in place. I wouldn’t say that it has cush as some woollies that I’ve tried, but it is not diggy at all, it is comfortable. This is great blend, because hemp really benefits from viscose, viscose gives it bounce and you can fell that in back carries. Regarding my thoughts on low gsm, I need to say that it really changed my mind, it was really supportive in ruck carry. Actually it surprised me in positive way. It wraps longer, the one that I’ve tried is size 4, but it wraps as 4+1/2.
    Garnet Callisto Kaleidoscope is great for all seasons and from newborn to toddler. I would recommend using it in base size for toddlers in multi layer carries.

  3. Natasa Bogdanovic (verified owner)

    This wrap came to be the biggest surprise as I was initialy intimidated by how thin and dry and crunchy it was when I first unpacked it. But it softened up quite nicely after the first wash and only a couple of ups made it even softer. And yet I thought this purchase was a mistake, cause I’m used to the support of my Fispi woolies, that all weight around 300gsm and thiswas so thin. The first walk with my 12kg 2 year-old on my back proved me wrong! It was so wonderfully supportive, strong, no cush, but definitelly not diggy at all, it felt so good on my picky shoulders! What amazed me even more was that it wrapped so easilly, it was the fastest wrap job ever! It soon became our go-to wrap, the one I choose for our walks in case my toddler gets tired. If you are looking for an easycare, airy, strong and supportive, mouldable, easy to wrap with kind of wrap, with that perfect grip to glide ratio, a wrap which will also be perfect for summer – I’d highly reccomend Garnet! It’s a great wrap that can see you through the whole period of your babywearing journey.

  4. Reema Bhatt (verified owner)

    I bought this for a holiday with hot weather and it did not disappoint. It was fabulous to use even after the first wash and though feels thin in hand was supportive for my toddler. I bought a shorty – all I need now is this wrap in base and base +1!

    • Tamsin

      Reema, thank you for taking the time to write us a review, we really appreciate it!

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