Jadeite Obsidian ‘The Librarian’

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100% cotton. Medium weight (245 gsm)


Jadeite Obsidian ‘The Librarian’  is our teaching wrap design (with 3 different patterns across the width of the wrap), woven with a multi-tonal jade and dark green cotton weft on our beautiful almost black Obsidian warp.

This woven wrap is 100% cotton Alchemy weave, and a medium weight of around 245 gsm. This blend produces a woven wrap which is soft from the first wash and requires very little breaking in, it is also very easy to wrap with. This makes it a perfect newborn wrap, but it is also strong and cushy enough on the shoulders to comfortably carry an older child. Find out more about it on our wrap database.

**Please note that these wraps are ‘loom state’ and will require washing before first wear. This first wash will set the weave, fluff up the yarn and clean out dust that has accumulated during weaving and hemming, so is an essential part of the process.** This wrap is machine washable.

The price includes postage to the UK. Postage within Europe is £8 per order and to the rest of the world is just £10 per order.

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2 reviews for Jadeite Obsidian ‘The Librarian’

  1. Vicky Herman

    This is such an underrated wrap!! Honestly, I ended up buying it because I wanted to get one more purchase in order to apply for a loyalty gift (if you don’t know about the loyalty program look it up!). I knew I would at least like the wrap though because I tend to go for dark colors, the obsidian black warp is my favorite, and I like my wraps on the thinner side. Plus, the geometric designs are a favorite of mine because they tend to add an airiness and strength to the wrap. Jadeite did not disappoint. In fact, I’m surprised that I use it so much. For a long time it stayed in the car as an all around utility wrap when we were out and about, but I brought it inside because I found myself wanting to use it more and more. The colors of the weft are really interesting and range from a cool mint green to a darker forest green. (I wish we could see that dark green in another wrap!) It looks a little stripey up close, but gives an overall look of greenish, grayish, light blue against the black warp. I think the design is underrated too because the librarian is a perfect first wrap for a beginner with different designs on the top and bottom rails. It seems like anyone would love to have Jadeite at the ready. It’s a hidden gem.

  2. Danielle

    I came across this wrap in our local sling library and immediately fell in love with it. It is so soft, light and airy! An absolute dream to wrap with, almost silky and holds well – perfect for my new little squish. The green colour adds a beautiful depth, combined with the three different patterns it makes a really interesting and intricate wrap. This wrap totally put me down the rabbit hole!

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