Night’s Watch Sunset Charters Moss

Night’s Watch Sunset Charters Moss is 86% organic combed cotton, 10% viscose, 4% cashmere and approx. 260gsm

It is an easy-care machine washable wrap.

Here’s what Lucy from Little Lifts thought of it:

I was very excited to receive the most recent parcel from Firespiral, as I had no idea what was inside. I was not expecting the wonderfully vibrant explosion of pink loveliness that awaited me. I had planned to do an unboxing but excitement and impatience got the better of me. Upon opening I literally exclaimed ‘WOW!’ and immediately emailed Jen to tell her how utterly stunning my surprise visitor was.

This is Night’s Watch, Sunset, Charters Moss, it is a blend of 86% cotton, 10% viscose and 4% cashmere and has a GSM of 260. Now, I am a massive sucker for a pink wrap but oh my goodness, this is the perfect blend of pinks. With a gradient that moves through the wrap from lavender to raspberry it is bold, eye catching and vibrant. Night’s Watch feels thin in hand, is beautifully soft from the first wash and is super floppy and mouldable.

For me it is love, I have been reaching for Night’s Watch over anything else for the past few weeks. It has become my go to for quick carries in the house, as well as venturing out and about. It has also been kept close and used for lots of snuggles on the sofa, both with the children and on my own. The magical pull of Firespiral is strong but Night’s Watch seems to have ignited something bigger in me this time. I think this one is for keeps.

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