Touchstone Blood Moon Microcosm Woven Wraps

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66% Organic Combed Cotton, 17% Hemp, 17% Lambswool




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  • Ethically woven in the UK
  • Handsewn
  • Small, limited collections
  • Worldwide shipping

66% Organic combed cotton, 17% hemp, 17% lambswool, 290gsm

Our limited edition Touchstone Blood Moon Microcosm woven wrap features our Microcosm design with a weft of navy and purple cotton, hemp and lambswool across our striking red to orange Blood Moon warp. Microcosm is a design that was inspired by tree cells under a microscope!

This is a sturdy heavier medium weight alchemy weave wrap that has texture and grip, the wool giving a little bounce that nicely balances the less elastic strength of the hemp. This wrap will become beautifully soft and floppy with use and is great from smaller baby all the way through to preschooler.

Touchstone is machine washable on a wool specific or delicates cycle and comes packed in one of our black mesh delicates laundry bags.

See our wrap database for more information!

Our limited edition wraps are made from cloth that is woven in Lancashire, England from ethically sourced yarns, and our wraps are sewn by hand here too!



Woven Wrap Sizing

Wrap sizes don’t work in the same way as clothing.

Size numbers refer to the length of the woven wrap- the larger the number, the longer the wrap.

Each size is 50cm (20”) longer than the previous size.

SIZE 1 = 2.2M (7’2”)
SIZE 2 = 2.7M (8’8”)
SIZE 3 = 3.2M (10’ 8”)
SIZE 4 = 3.7M (12’)
SIZE 5 = 4.2M (13’8)
SIZE 6 = 4.7M (15’4”)
SIZE 7 = 5.2M (17’)
SIZE 8 = 5.7M (18’7”)
SIZE 9 = 6.2M (20’3”)

Each length offers different options for tying, so there isn’t a single size that will ‘fit you.

Your body size will determine how big a wrap you need for tying each specific carry. For example, the Front Wrap Cross Carry is a popular starter carry. Some people will be able to use a size 6 for this carry, but others may need a longer (or shorter) wrap depending on their body and baby size.

Read more about understanding wrap sizes

Read more about choosing the right size of wrap for you


Brushed Cotton Blankets

Our blankets come in two sizes:

Double- 160cm x190cm approx (63″ x 75″)
King Size- 160cm x 220cm approx (63″ x 87″)


Our Ponchos are one size. Height is a bigger factor than dress size when it comes to fit, and they will fit most bodies under 6′ tall! The Poncho is approximately 105cm long at the front, from the base of the neck to the longest taper point (not including the cowl neck), and approx 66cm long at the shoulder, from the base of the neck to the highest point of the hem

Babywearing Bags

Absolute Bobbins:
The main body of the bag is approx 30cm x 30cm x 16cm
The adjustable strap is 180cm to the taper end, and 35cm wide

The zip opening is 30cm wide and the base of the bag is 40cm. It has a depth of approx 30cm and a 10cm wide base.
The adjustable strap is 165cm to the taper end, and 20cm wide

Scarves and Cowls

Full width Cowl full wrap width (approx 70cm),
95cm circumference
Scarf half wrap width (approx 35cm)
2.2m length
Loop scarf half wrap width (approx 35cm)
1.45m circumference

13 reviews for Touchstone Blood Moon Microcosm Woven Wraps

  1. Marta (verified owner)

    Touchstone blood moon microcosm is so beautiful in real life! The colours and microcosm design look so good together and details on the pattern are so distinctly visible.
    I tried it with my 5 year old and 2 year old and at both times the wrap was very easy to wrap with and easy to tighten, even now, in it’s unbroken state. When fully broken in should be suitable for small babies as well.
    It feels rather thin in hand and more hempy than woolly but the cush is still there. The weft side is quite textured at the moment but I feel it my change a bit with with more use when the hemp softens up.

  2. Danielle Marrow (verified owner)

    Straight out of the bag this has some serious wow factor. The colours are incredibly vibrant and the grad is beautiful. The blend makes its strong and textured and it’s so easy to wrap with. It has grip but isnt beastly to tighten and knots stay put.

  3. Audrey (verified owner)

    Review for Touchstone Blood Moon Microcosm
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  4. cdengate87 (verified owner)

    Blood moon is such a spectacular colour, the graduation is so beautiful in the flesh and it is really eye catching. It is thick in hand and a little stiff out the bag which has softened with a wash and iron. I’m excited to wear it more with my chunky toddler!

  5. Ocean (verified owner)

    Wow! This wrap is really something special. The grad is so incredibly beautiful and the wrap qualities are amazing. I love the hemp in this wrap. It pairs perfectly with the organic cotton and the lambs wool to make it the most comfortable, strong, easy to use wrap. I spent one evening braiding, and running the wrap though rings and it is already soft and floppy. It works well in both a single and a double layer carry. I’ve wrapped both my two month old and five year old and it was wonderful with both. I have it in a base, but plan on getting it as a short wrap as well, it is that good!

  6. Jenny (verified owner)

    I bought this wrap because I was drawn to the vibrant colours, and it definitely did not disappoint. It is so striking, a really beautiful wrap. The red is a deep, cranberry red and it gradually changes to orange. You can make it look quite different depending on which way up you wear it.
    It has a unique feel to it. The weft is very textured because of the alternating hemp and wool strands. Like a ribbed effect. At this point I’ve used it maybe ten times and that effect isn’t quite as striking to me now as it was when new as the hemp is getting softer, so I think that feel will lessen over time. Having said that, it’s not a bad thing. I am using this on my new baby and from the first time using it when she was four or five weeks old, it was lovely to use. It’s a grippy wrap but quite airy. It’s easy to tighten despite the grip. Mine is base plus one but this wrap would have worked for me in any size. And I can see us using this right until the end of our baby wearing journey.

  7. Lauren Bridgeman (verified owner)

    This wrap is gorgeous, moldable, and soft right out of the bag.

  8. benhcy (verified owner)

    Touchstone blood moon microcosm is soft, cushy, moldable and textured all in one. The grad is amazing and the weft brings out the microcosm pattern very well. I enjoyed carrying my 10 month old in this wrap as it was easy to tighten and very supportive. This wrap definitely has wide appeal and will suit carrying all ages.

  9. carly.canion (verified owner)

    Touchstone is a great all-around wrap. It isn’t too thick and heavy to be unmanageable with small babies, yet it is very supportive for older babies! It really is a pleasure to wrap with. It glides into place fairly easily, then locks into place due to the texture that gives it grip. The colors are gorgeous, it shines. Also, because of the color grad and two sides, it can look very different depending on which side you wrap with, and which color is on top! Basically, you just can’t go wrong with Touchstone!

  10. emmahamid (verified owner)

    What an amazing wrap! Its so vibrant and beautiful to look at, either side out. From taking out the bag it was good to go and so easy to wrap with. My tall 2 year old was weightless from first ups! I can’t recommend this gorgeous wrap enough.

  11. Miriam (verified owner)

    This wrap is strikingly beautiful. The colours are so vibrant and pop. People often comment on this wrap as it’s just stunning. In terms of feel it is very textured and not at floppy as an all cotton wrap. Although it needed a bit of use to soften it was still lovely to wrap with straight away. It provides such a sturdy wrap job, which is great because my baby is such a chunk. It is easy to wrap with and stays in place. It’s doesnt have the same bounce as just a cotton/wool blend but the wool gives it great cush on the shoulders so not diggy at all. I have this in by base and I have 3 other base size wraps and this is definitely the one I always grab for. An amazing wrap!

  12. Kate Roesen (verified owner)

    The first thing that strikes you about this wrap is the colour. It’s so vibrant! Simultaneously beautiful and fun. When describing wrap qualities, there are the usual things to talk about, and every wrap can be placed along a sliding scale for each particular quality – thin/thick, grip/glide, stretchy/solid, soapy/dry, cush, moldability etc. Touchstone is pretty much in the middle of all of these, making it quite the all rounder and pretty awesome. It’s amazing with heavier wrappees, yet supply and soft enough for newborns, and would be just as great in any size. I have a wool sensitivity, and I do find it can be a bit prickly next to my chest but it was mucg better after I put it in the freezer for a couple of days (dry and well wrapped up in a waterproof bag) which is a popular tactic for dealing with wool prickle. Overall, big thumbs up.

  13. Rosie Amery (verified owner)

    Oh. My. Goodness. I can’t get over this wrap. It’s the first time I’ve bought a brand new Firespiral, so I didn’t really know what to expect, but I’d heard good things and it didn’t disappoint.

    The colours are absolutely stunning and make me smile every time I look at it, and right from the first wrapping it was a pleasure to use and it’s just getting better and better as it softens more and more.

    I got this in a size 2 as I wanted something for doing the nursery run in case my toddlebeast didn’t want to walk on occasion, but I’ve actually ended up using it around the house a lot too. He feels practically weightless in it, even in what should be really shoulder heavy carries.

    Can’t recommend it enough!

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