Touchstone Blood Moon Microcosm

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66% Organic combed cotton, 17% hemp, 17% lambswool, 290gsm



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66% Organic combed cotton, 17% hemp, 17% lambswool, 290gsm

Our limited edition Touchstone Blood Moon Microcosm woven wrap features our Microcosm design with a weft of navy and purple cotton, hemp and lambswool across our striking red to orange Blood Moon warp. Microcosm is a design that was inspired by tree cells under a microscope!

This is a sturdy heavier medium weight alchemy weave wrap that has texture and grip, the wool giving a little bounce that nicely balances the less elastic strength of the hemp. This wrap will become beautifully soft and floppy with use and is great from smaller baby all the way through to preschooler.

See our wrap database for more information!

Our limited edition wraps are made from cloth that is woven in Lancashire, England from ethically sourced yarns, and our wraps are sewn by hand here too!



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5 reviews for Touchstone Blood Moon Microcosm

  1. Marta (verified owner)

    Touchstone blood moon microcosm is so beautiful in real life! The colours and microcosm design look so good together and details on the pattern are so distinctly visible.
    I tried it with my 5 year old and 2 year old and at both times the wrap was very easy to wrap with and easy to tighten, even now, in it’s unbroken state. When fully broken in should be suitable for small babies as well.
    It feels rather thin in hand and more hempy than woolly but the cush is still there. The weft side is quite textured at the moment but I feel it my change a bit with with more use when the hemp softens up.

  2. Danielle Marrow (verified owner)

    Straight out of the bag this has some serious wow factor. The colours are incredibly vibrant and the grad is beautiful. The blend makes its strong and textured and it’s so easy to wrap with. It has grip but isnt beastly to tighten and knots stay put.

  3. Audrey (verified owner)

    Review for Touchstone Blood Moon Microcosm
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  4. cdengate87 (verified owner)

    Blood moon is such a spectacular colour, the graduation is so beautiful in the flesh and it is really eye catching. It is thick in hand and a little stiff out the bag which has softened with a wash and iron. I’m excited to wear it more with my chunky toddler!

  5. Ocean (verified owner)

    Wow! This wrap is really something special. The grad is so incredibly beautiful and the wrap qualities are amazing. I love the hemp in this wrap. It pairs perfectly with the organic cotton and the lambs wool to make it the most comfortable, strong, easy to use wrap. I spent one evening braiding, and running the wrap though rings and it is already soft and floppy. It works well in both a single and a double layer carry. I’ve wrapped both my two month old and five year old and it was wonderful with both. I have it in a base, but plan on getting it as a short wrap as well, it is that good!

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