Verglas Midnight Midwinter Cloth

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70% Cotton, 25% Merino, 5% Linen 300gsm

Verglas Midnight Midwinter is a heavier weight blend of combed cotton, merino lambswool and linen.  The pale weft face is created from a gorgeous combination of pale grey, pale pink and aqua yarns, the inky navy combed cotton weft providing a wonderful contrast in both texture and colour. This cloth is blankety and mouldable, feeling thinner in hand than it’s weight suggests.


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Verglas Midnight Midwinter is a heavier weight woven wrap. It is woven from a blend of combed cotton, merino lambswool and linen.  The pale weft face is created from a gorgeous combination of pale grey, pale pink and aqua yarns, the inky navy combed cotton weft providing a wonderful contrast in both texture and colour.

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16 reviews for Verglas Midnight Midwinter Cloth

  1. Lennon Clark (verified owner)

    Verglas is wrap perfection. It doesn’t feel thick in hand, and is easy to wrap with. The passes tighten easily. But, the wool and linen add support so that even in single layer carries, this wrap is fantastic! And the colors are gorgeous in person.

  2. phoenix_guiding (verified owner)

    I knew I would love this wrap before it arrived, for starters I’m obsessed with anything owl and secondly I really wanted something with wool! So Verglas fitted the bill!

    As soon as I got the wrap out I knew it had been a good choice, it felt soft and strong even before washing. I had worried about it being prickly (me and my lo have quite sensitive skin) but it didn’t feel prickly at all.

    After washing it and drying it I couldn’t wait to wrap with it. I found it really easy to wrap with even before it being fully broken in. It’s gripy and supportive and makes carrying my 25lb 10 month old a doddle. I have high hopes this will still be as good and comfortable when she’s a toddler.
    The only small grumble is the placement of the middle market ( yes I know it has to be the middle of the wrap) only it doesn’t march the pattern exactly so I have to wear it slightly of centre to make the most of the amazing design.

  3. Ann Clarkson (verified owner)

    Amazing wrap, bought new from the lovely Tamsin at Sling Show Scotland, I struggle not to use this wrap exclusively as it’s a joy to wrap with and absolutely stunning.

  4. Ailsa Gibson (verified owner)

    Thick, cosy, warm, and not scratchy (I had wondered, not having used a wrap with wool content before). Quite forgiving of sloppy wrapping as it grips itself nicely! I’m loving it as a short wrap for single or double layer carries, it’s a great contrast to my thinner 100% cotton base. The design and colours are beautiful, really striking.

  5. jennybarragan (verified owner)

    I bought a long verglas wrap. In loomstate the wool felt slightly prickly, so I followed advice and did three back to back wool washes in my machine (low temp, low spin) and hung it to dry outside. Afterwards, the prickle had gone. It is surprising thin in hand which makes it easy to wrap with. The wool gives plenty of grip, but the dark cotton is really soft and smooth and counters the grip somewhat, so it’s easy to work with. I have found it easy to pull of double hammocks with this wrap right from the start, and I’m not the most experienced wrapper! My wrappee is a tall toddler, verglas is a perfect choice for him as the wool gives a bit of bounce, which we enjoy, but the linen makes it really strong. I have used this to wrap mid-walk in forests, and even in a mongoose house at the zoo, and I haven’t pulled it yet, which surprised me since this is the looser alchemy weave. All in all, the fact that it’s easy care wool, easy to use and can let me carry around my boy in comfort, makes it a great choice. Oh, and I get more compliments when using this wrap than any other! The design is really striking!

  6. Ann Clarkson (verified owner)

    Awesome wrap, really having to force myself to use others in my stash. The WQ’s are brilliant and the design is so crisp and clear. Super snuggly for my heavy toddler but would be perfect for a squish too as it feels quite thin in hand.

  7. Lauren Hendricks (verified owner)

    This wrap is a dream come true! Although it sounds like a thicker wrap, it feels much thinner in hand then the gsm suggests and is very easy to wrap with for all ages. The soft cotton and fluffy wool give such a nice feel and gentle cush for my picky shoulders. It is very snuggly, floppy, and holds knots perfectly. We use it on our sofa for a blanket in between ups. I have a newborn coming and I feel that this will be very cozy for him without being too heavy and I wear it regularly with my 11kg toddler daughter as well. The pattern with the dark navy and beautiful light yarn really pops and everyone that sees Verglas comments to me on its natural beauty. I LOVE this wrap and I am so glad to have it for our babies. Thank you!

  8. Jo Kapel (verified owner)

    When I saw Verglas Midnight Midwinter release info, I knew I had to have at least a scrap, to see what it’s like in real life. It’s my favourite fispi pattern. I never had a woolie before, and when it arrived I was amazed at how it feels. The colours also surprised me – I’d usually go for bright, saturated jewel tones but this is subtly colourful, and not dull at all. The scrap is going to be stretched on a canvas:) Then I ordered a bag out of the same fabric, and I absolutely love it – so comfy to wear, and the pattern makes it unique. Finally, I got a chance to try the actual wrap thanks to a friend. It’s a delight on the shoulders and very strong, not too thick in hand, would be amazing with my preschool wrappee if he only allowed me! It’s very cuddly too, will need a bit of breaking in with a little one but I imagine it would be a great all rounder.

  9. Marjolein Koller (verified owner)

    This wrap is one of my softest wraps and that’s saying something! It feels thin in hand, soft and strong! It’s easy to wrap with. I have a size 4 and use it almost exclusively with my small baby so it’s very suitable for newborns. The wool is on the pricklier side but not so much that it’s irritating. Actually I like it this way, it’s so great to see and feel the actual materials! The design is stunning! I love the light side with small stripes of color.

  10. viera.mercier (verified owner)

    Midwinter was my dream design since I had discovered Fispi. So worth waiting for this one! In beautiful dramatic colour contrast, deep blue but not black (my skin does not like black). Feeling the texture but still allowing fluid glide. 25% of wool seems to be just perfect for my taste of WQ, giving all the cushiness but not too much bouce. Even as little as 5% linen make the wrap very strong with my both toddlers 16 and 13,5kg. For those who are afraid of thick wraps and 300gsm slows you down, in reality the wrap feels rather medium in hand with pretty easy manipulation. Great job!

  11. kateroesen

    This is my favourite wrap. I wasn’t terribly keen on it from photos since I’m not a fan of navy, but in real life it is stunning. I tried it just for fun and I fell in love. It is wonderfully thin in hand with a gorgeous cushy squish to it. There’s a bit of stretch with no sag, and a nice balance between glide and grip. It was rather prickly at the start, and I was afraid that I’d made a mistake in getting it, but it is so soft now. I just love it.

  12. Marta (verified owner)

    The most noticeable thing about this wrap is that it’s surprisingly thin in hand. You wouldn’t expect that after reading about it’s gsm. I found it a bit prickly at the beginning but the feeling went away after few uses. The wrap breaks in incredibly fast and it’s so easy to wrap with. It glides smoothly and locks passes very securely. Thanks to linen content feels really strong so would be good for bigger children but since it’s so thin and feels quite airy I would recommend it for little squishes to snuggle in colder months.

  13. mrlenegrau

    Review for Verglas Midnight Midwinter
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  14. Samantha Forrey (verified owner)

    I love this wrap. It feels thin in hand but also nice and snuggly and is great even for my tiny little one. It took hardly any time to feel broken in and floppy. It is also truly beautiful. The photos do not do it justice. When not in use it resides on the back of our sofa as a throw so I can look at it all the time.

    • Tamsin

      Thank you for your lovely review <3

  15. ganz83 (verified owner)

    Thin in hand, but still soft and cushy. The midnight colour is perfection.

  16. sian.ohare (verified owner)

    This is my first from-new wrap and I am so impressed. I didn’t give a huge amount of attention to the blend when I ordered as I was drawn in by the colours, so I wasn’t sure what I was expecting, but it is the most epic wrap. It is so comfortable to wrap with, and so easy to use. There is a perfect amount of grip, but it’s lovely and soft, too. As others have said it feels surprisingly thin, but it doesn’t want for cushiness. I have very sensitive shoulders and have no problems with this wrap. There’s no prickle from the wool. but it’s not the softest wool I’ve used. That said, due to injury I’ve not been wearing as much as I would like so it would probably become much softer with regular use. I’d love something that feels the same as this in a summery pattern so I could enjoy this epicness all year round!

    • Tamsin

      Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review, it is much appreciated xx

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