Wilderswood Birch Trees

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100% organic combed cotton, Synergy weave

Backordered items are made to order and are usually ready to send to you in around 2 weeks, but during the coronavirus lockdown, this may take longer.


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100%  organic combed cotton, Synergy weave.

Our limited edition Wilderswood Birch Trees woven wrap features our Birch Trees design in a with a weft of greens on our hidden Blood Moon warp. The nature of the weave produces a cloth that has an iridescent shimmer with the colours changing between greens and reds depending on the direction that you are looking at it from.

Synergy weave is a dense and sturdy cloth with lots of stretch and recoil. It is a great woven wrap for heavier wrappees yes still manageable enough to use with a small baby.

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Our limited edition wraps are made from cloth that is woven in Lancashire, England from ethically sourced yarns, and our wraps are sewn by hand here too!

Backordered items are made to order and are usually ready to send to you in around 2 weeks, but during the coronavirus lockdown, this may take longer.

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7 reviews for Wilderswood Birch Trees

  1. phoenix_guiding (verified owner)

    We have had Wilderswood for a little over a week now and have wrapped with it everyday. The colours are truly amazing, they catch the sun and change so much depending on the light and the angle. They are so hard to describe but I think they look like flames, or firery sunset through the branches.
    After a week the wrap is breaking in nicely (it still has a little way to go) it’s already easier to tighten and get a snug wrap job with (although it was never particularly hard to tighten in the first place). It has a good amount of bounce and a little stretch. It honestly makes my 32lb 2 year old feel weightless on our 1 hour walks.
    My little girl is also smitten and wont let me wrap her in anything else which says it all really!

  2. lesliejchase (verified owner)

    Stunning, shimmery, and lovely to wrap with. This is such a tricky wrap to catch the color of on camera, but it’s one of the most breathtaking fabrics I’ve ever seen. The shimmer from red to green is so magical, I know I’ll be keeping a piece of this wrap for the rest of my life.

    I’ve not always been as big a fan of the synergy weave, it just isn’t usually as mouldable and soft as alchemy… but as it turns out, that may be more due to the pattern woven into the fabric than the weave itself. The star map design is one of my favorite aesthetically, but it isn’t as pleasant to wrap with as birches or seafoam… turns out, this is the case with synergy wraps as well! This wrap feels thinner, floppier, and softer than bifrost starmap and Australis after just one wash and wear!

    I do love the durability of synergy weave, and I’m excited to have a beautiful beater to drag around the yard and neighborhood while we are stuck at home this summer! I’m anticipating lots of picnics and hammocks in this lovely new uppy!

    • Tamsin

      Thank you Leslie!

  3. Kate Krengel

    I can not believe the colors on this! I love the way they shift and change, and I can’t stop looking at it when we use it. It’s easy to wrap with from the get go, even with a young baby. Synergy weave gives a good bounce, and is pretty easy to tighten without too much grip. I look forward to seeing how this grows with us!

  4. Juliana Duryea (verified owner)

    We just received our Wilderswood in a size 2, and it’s just the perfect beater shortie! I wanted something supportive and super strong to tag along with us on outings “just in case” we need some up time. It’s perfect in a quick ruck and cushier than I expected, being such a dense weave. And the colors are just amazing – deep, earthy and almost shiny green and red at different angles. It still needs some breaking in, I think, after a week, but we haven’t had too many opportunities to wrap as my little one is more into exploring on her own two feet at the moment! This one would be a great addition in any size in my opinion!

  5. chloerains (verified owner)

    Review for Wilderswood Birch Trees
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  6. bradlvk (verified owner)

    I chose to get a size 7 (base +1), since I had a size 2 of Arbor Low at release (I had waffled between getting a 7 in Arbor Low or Wilderswood).
    Wow, this wrap is a stunner. The color change on thos wrap is just amazing.
    Was, it feels the same as Arbor Low. In hand it has a spongy feel, wraps solid and comfortably with an imprecise wrap job with my 29mo old toddler.
    I think once broken in it will be good with little babies too.

  7. Belén Brandan (verified owner)

    I love the colors, it shows a beautiful iridescent. I use it with my 2 year old 15 kg toddler and it feels perfect. it has a very good grip and smoothness. we love it and we would choose it again

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