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We have different types of babywearing bags to offer, depending on your needs.  Babywearing bags have specially designed straps to making carrying your bag and baby at the same time a breeze!

You can read our general guide to babywearing bags here

Here is a video comparing the Wompat and Absolute Bobbins bags

Wompat bags are beautifully simple and practical. The fully lined bags have 2 handy small pockets inside the main internal area which fastens with a zip.  The strap is adjusted through a pair of co-ordinating sling rings. These bags are fully adjustable to fit around you and your baby. They make a great everyday bag- a large handbag size that can cope with the extra stuff you need to carry when your children are small, but will still be practical to use daily when your load lessens.

Absolute Bobbins bags are made to order, and have options that you can customise. They are a slightly larger bag that will easily function as a nappy/diaper bag. The strap can be worn single or double shouldered have multiple pockets and a key chain clip.

Our  Wompat waist bags are a smaller solution for carrying handbag items whilst babywearing. They can be worn in several ways and keep your personal items safe and accessible, when a bag would be too big, but a pocket isn’t enough…

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