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The Birth of Geode: Design History

It is always hard to unpick the development process of our designs, because they are born out of a melting pot of ideas that can have been cooking for months or years! So Geode was the result of a few strands of thought that were twisted together. We had been interested by the natural world’s […]

8-Bit Obsidian Geode: Wrap Database


Weft Name: 8-Bit Warp Name: Obsidian Design Name: Geode GSM: 260 gsm Weave Structure: Alchemy Average Width: 67cm Blend: 79% cotton, 15% viscose, 6% linen Related Wraps:  Asphodel Cirrus Seafoam  & Asphodel Cirrus Tentacular Spectacular and have a very similar blend. Our Geode design has previously been used once before in our Synergy weave wraps Geode Nocturnal and […]

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