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5 Tips for autumn wrapping

Autumn is a season of extremes, and working out what to wear, which woven wrap to choose and how to dress your baby from one day to the next can be a challenge! Here are some tips from the Firespiral team on how we wrap in autumn. At the start of autumn, layer up! – Remember […]

Autumn Dendron Harvest

Whether you go by the the months or the equinox, there is no denying that  summer is on the wane and autumn is on our doorstep. We are starting our autumn releases with a 100% combed cotton wrap “Autumn Dendron Harvest”. This is a new design- and a seasonal imagining of our midwinter tree. It has two […]

Autumn Sand Birch Trees: 100% combed cotton

Autumn Sand Birch Trees is a 100% combed cotton wrap, woven on our warm, cream coloured warp. The weft is made up of  two alternating orange coloured yarns- a bright pumpkin shade and a darker copper red- to create a rich and intense depth to the hue. These wraps work equally well worn warp or weft face out […]

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