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Aconite Dendron Gossamer: Guest Review!!

This review is guest written by Sam. She is mum to two boisterous boys and has wrapped them both from small babies. You can find her wrapping blog, including reviews, giveaways and the current wrapping challenge, at www.facebook.com/thewrapdiaries.   I have to admit I jumped at the chance to try one of the new autumn releases […]

Dryad Dendron Birch Trees

This is a quad-blend wrap- combed cotton warp with a white linen viscose hemp weft. A thicker wrap at around 300gsm with a beautifully soft drape and delicately slubby texture. It includes some yarn sourced by our friend who finds special, high quality yarns that are only available in a relatively small quantity. Many manufacturers […]

Rust Dendron Curves of Pursuit

  Rust Dendron Curves of Pursuit has a weft of 3 alternating strands of cotton and a chunky cotton merino blend, that create a wonderfully textured and 3 dimensional colour. After the magical 2 washes (in this case in my washing machine on a 40’C wool cycle with 800 rmp spin) this wrap becomes prickle […]

Autumn Dendron Harvest

Whether you go by the the months or the equinox, there is no denying that  summer is on the wane and autumn is on our doorstep. We are starting our autumn releases with a 100% combed cotton wrap “Autumn Dendron Harvest”. This is a new design- and a seasonal imagining of our midwinter tree. It has two […]

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